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Aug 14, 2014 09:51 AM

North End Grill (Eric Korsh, n=1)

Noticably different style from Floyd Cardoz, but quality and service remain high.

Very few items from old menu remain. Clam pizza still there, short rib burger only available by request, but now also served in main dining room. Dessert menu completely different; Tracy Obolsky had initially kept the lemon meringue pie and pot de creme from her predecesor, but those are now gone.

Kitchen is more overtly lively; lotsa shouts of "walking" and "how many minutes on that Tomahawk" whereas previous regime was almost Lincoln Center caliber quiet.

Had the potted crab (very subtle spicy seasoning), head-on prawns (with juicy heads), black sea bass with cockles and leeks, the burger (thrice spiced fries replaced with duck fat fries). All seafood cooked perfectly; side of corn ($7!) delicately touched by thyme. We also received an amuse of beef carpaccio with anchovies, capers and micro greens.

As before, great, if pricey, choice for the Tribeca/FiDi area. Still not sure if it is a destination restaurant, but we'd go at least once a month if I could afford it!

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  1. Thanks for the feedback.. Went to NEG multiple times last year but was getting bored with the menu and the high pricing. Ill give it another shot. However, not loving all the shouting from the kitchen. That gets old very quickly especially if you are seated in the bar area

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      I eat there on occasion, but not in a year. So if they have a new chef, i'm interested in trying. I found the bar menu, almost inedible. I had some shrimp salad dish, was horrible. But from the regular kitchen had a good grilled fish a few times, and I liked the greens ( even if overly vinegared). It's a good location for pre or post movies. Lately Blue Smoke is more the choice for me. But i'll give NEG a shot again.

    2. Thanks, Andy T. I have not been yet. Its been suggested to me on this Board and a friend went recently and suggested it.

      Your post may encourage us to finally give it a try.

      Been to The Eddy (EV) a few more times. Somehow the LES/EV seems easier than heading West.