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Aug 14, 2014 08:48 AM

What kind of noodle is this?

I don't have a better close-up but I'm trying to figure out what kind of noodle this is. They called it a "rolled noodle" but I'm not getting any hits on the interwebs with that description. It's basically a flat (probably rice) noodle that rolled up into a tube once it was cooked. This was a soup I had in Bangkok's Chinatown. Any idea what is it or called? I'd like to recreate this soup at home.

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  1. The photo doesn't help. If the "noodle" was chewy, are you sure it wasn't squid? Flat pieces of squid that are scored on one side curl up during cooking.

    1. Yes. Absolutely certain it wasn't squid. It wasn't that chewy but it was chewy for a noodle--like udon-chewy.

      1. Kao piak

        ETA: oops, no not kao piak if its flat and tubular. Kao piak is rolled, but its a solid cylinder with pointed ends.

        1. What type of restaurant was it - Chinese or Thai? And do you know the name of the dish?

          1. I was watching an old episode of The Layover last night where he was in Hong Kong or Taipei (watched both episodes back to back and don't remember which one this was in). He ate a soup dish where the "noodles" were made from rice starch, which was spread out on the side of a pan and cooked, then taken off and rolled up, which made a noodle like addition to the soup. I don't think he named it, but I'm wondering if that's what you ate?