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Aug 14, 2014 08:39 AM

A tasty food (or drink) gift between Providence and Stonington CT?

I'll be attending an event in Providence on Sunday the 24th (in the Summit neighborhood) and leaving at about 5-6 to visit my brother and sister in law in Stonington CT. Somewhere along the way, I'd like to stop to pick up a nice tasty visiting gift. Does anyone know of anything reasonably convenient (or noteworthy enough to be worth going out of my way)?

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  1. I'd probably just grab something nearby in Providence before getting on the road. For myself, I'd be very happy to give (or receive!) a nice olive oil sampler from Olive del Mondo (815 Hope Street, Providence). Olive del Mondo also has gift items, like special cooking salts, olive-oil based soaps, things like that. Another great option would be a box of dessert and/or breakfast pastries from Seven Stars bakery (820 Hope Street, Providence). Seven Stars also does gift baskets, if you want to plan in advance, and they also sell good coffee-by-the-pound and various local jellies and jams. If you want to go a foodie, but not necessarily edible route, check out Stock Culinary Goods (756 Hope Street). They do sell a few edible items (Dave's Coffee Syrup, things like that,) as well as wonderful cooking/drinking wares, often produced by local artisans.

      1. Since you will be in the Summit area, RhodeRedHen's suggestion of Seven Stars Bakery is a good one since is located right in the Summit area on Hope Street (as is Olive del Mondo). Delicious coffee, beans or ground, and excellent pastries. I often buy their small loaf of pumpkin nut bread for a hostess gift when it is available. Not sure how much of a selection there will be, however, late on a Sunday afternoon.

        Clams047's suggestion of Pastiche is a terrific one too.. While Seven Stars focuses on exceptionally good artisan breads, croissants, scones, cookies, etc., Pastiche is more like a French patisserie with decadent cakes, fruit tarts, and the like in the European tradition.

        1. i have given chez pascal/wurst window's house made sausages as gifts in the past. i would be very happy to receive them as gifts!

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            That's such a good idea. I'm stealing that sometime. Unfortunately, I do think CP/WK are closed on Sundays. I'd call ahead.

            And yes, Seven Stars, Olive del Mondo, and Chez Pascal are all convenient to Summit. Pastiche is on the other side of town, so less convenient, but would also make a beautiful pastry gift.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions, all! Given the timing, I think it will be Seven Stars (some other suggestions are not open Sunday evening). I'm sure the deliciousness will be appreciated!