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Aug 14, 2014 07:09 AM

Restaurant Recs for Coppenhagen, Denmark

Hi, we will be in Coppenhagen for a few days next week and would love restaurant recommendations. Anything from super casual to pretty fancy (as long as we don't need a reservation months in advance). Thanks!

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  1. If you want super casual, the harbour area (Nyhavn) has lots of very simple places to choose from. One I remember was a seafood place, and I had an unusually good curry dish there.. sorry I can't remember its name.

    1. Aamanns, outstanding open face sandwiches in the deli and their restaurant is supposed to be excellent as well... but I only made it to the deli.

      1. If you want a real Danish experience go to Schonnemanns for SMØRREBRØD. Hauser Plads is a little challenge to find but well worth it.

        1. KiinKiin is 1 michelin starred and INCREDIBLE....I think truly under rated and an immense experience. Also, for casual LeLe does some great traditional Vietnamese food but with good sourced Danish ingredients. Check out I love Sushi at Torellhaven as well...I'm from BC and even then the sushi was great

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            Loved LeLe!! Thanks for this rec!