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Aug 14, 2014 06:55 AM

In and out of fridge...any damage?

I've been told that taking cold beer out of fridge and allowing it to warm will ruin it when recooling. Is the same true for wines?
My guess is no but just checking in to be certain.

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  1. "Ruin" may be too strong a word (unless by allowing it to warm you mean really warm). It won't necessarily be at its best but it won't be ruined. Now having said that, it also depends on the wine and the storage conditions.

    1. Uh, yes - if you chill wine and then let it return to room temperature there's a better than good chance you'll destroy it.

      Wine really, really doesn't deal well with temperature changes, especially drastic changes.

      1. You seem to have a lot of questions regarding refridgeration.

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        1. I don't drink but my partner does. But she probably only wants a glass with dinner. That means the bottle is going to last several days. It sits on the dinner table on the assumption that she does sometimes have a top-up. So, that's four or five times it comes back to room temperature before going back in the fridge. I've not heard her complain about quality. Maybe she just doesnt know she's drinking "ruined" wine.

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            Cute Harters! She knows she has the prize in her partner!
            I didn't use the word ruin with regard to wine - that was my question. I have been told I've ruined "their" beers by doing that act.