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Aug 14, 2014 06:28 AM

Is there a quality lunch spot near I-91 in MA/Pioneer Valley?

I'm looking for a "birthday lunch" spot on a weekday somewhere along I-91. I'll be en route to Connecticut and while I don't mind venturing a few miles off of I-91, I'd rather not veer too far from my main travel route. So what is a birthday lunch, you ask? I don't want my travel partner to have to eat a mediocre sad sandwich on the day of their birth but the place we stop does not need to be fancy...just quality food that tastes good. We both like every cuisine and are just as happy with well executed pub food as we are with delicious Indian food. We aren't picky at all, we just like good quality grub. Any ideas?

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  1. In Northamton choose green bean, Jake's , Paul and Elizabeth's or local burger, or Banh Mi Saigon.
    None will disappoint and all are just a few minutes off 91.

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        Well, I thought so but now see it will be Monday 8/25, soft opening. 18 MainSt next to Local Burger

    1. another place to stop is downtown greenfield, where there's hope & olive (semi-upscale bar food), brass buckle (order at the counter tacos & tex mex with great house-made corned beef), or people's pint (decent beer, very good burgers & salads -- CASH ONLY).

      in west springfield there's pintu's lunch buffet, which is very decent indian food.

      in springfield i am very fond of the vietnamese menu at pho saigon. the pho might actually be a bit better at vinh chau, which is across the street. but i hate the blaring TV in that place. this might be a little far off 91 for you.

      there are a couple of very good mexican restaurants in enfield ct as well -- sarapes, which is oaxacan, and hacienda del sol which is more like tex-mex.

      all these places are easily findable on the web.

      good eating!

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      1. Hope and Olive is a good choice. Very good food and a nice atmosphere.

        People's Pint is an excellent choice for anyone who likes great beer or hard cider. The food is good quality but I've always felt it to be a bit overpriced for Greenfield.

        Brass Buckle's food is really a standout in terms of both quality, value and creativity. Unfortunately, the place is very popular. It's crowded, at times it is hard to get a seat, and it's usually rather noisy -- not the best spot if you want to catch up with a friend.

        Local Burger is a truly great and unique burger experience, but has nothing special for atmosphere and can also be quite crowded (probably not too bad for a weekday lunch, though)

        1. In Greenfield I'd recommend Hope & Olive, since it's a "special" birthday lunch. Manna House in Greenfield is also a hidden gem -- authentic homemade Korean food. Everything is excellent. Too bad almost no-one knows about this place. There's also the Amanouz Cafe in Northampton, right on Main Street, for very good Moroccan/Mediterranean food. And in Gill, there's the Wagon Wheel -- big menu of burgers, salads, sandwiches, and outrageously good homemade Mexican chocolate ice cream. And only 5 minutes off of I-91, right on route 2.

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            I love the wagon wheel, but really only five

            Hope and olive is wonderful. I agree.

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              Yeah, it really is only about five minutes but it feels like a whole lot more, especially when you don't know where you are going, like to OP. Given "traffic" in Greenfield, it is no more than H&O. I love them both, you can't go wrong with either, depending on what you are looking for.

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                Maybe six minutes. You just get off of I-91 and it's a straight shot along route 2. No traffic; just two traffic lights (first one is by French King Hwy in Greenfield, and second is by the bridge into Turners). Frankly it could take you much longer to get to H&O in downtown Greenfield, given all the traffic on Main Street. Plus the parking is free at the Wagon Wheel, whereas free parking in downtown Greenfield has all but disappeared.

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                  You take exit 27 for Route 2 EAST, magiesmom, not exit 26 for Route 2a.

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                    Thanks. I know how to go, I just think of it as further. I should rearrange it in my mind.
                    I love the Wagon Wheel and Hope and Olive both.