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Aug 14, 2014 06:22 AM

Two free days/nights without kids - where should we go in southern ontario

Because I have the most amazing in-laws a magical thing has happened. Instead of solo parenting for a week while my husband is out of town in a few weeks, my in-laws are sweeping into town mid way to bring my darlings back to their place in Stratford. Not only will I be getting several days of solitude (which is enough to make me weep with joy as it is), while my husband returns on Friday afternoon, we are not expected to retrieve our children until Sunday. We MUST take advantage!!! Since we are both from Toronto originally (we're now in ptbo) spending the whole time there is not super alluring (maybe a Friday night meal?). Our minds first drifted to Niagara. Any chowy recommendations there? On the other hand, are any other places we might want to consider?

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  1. Niagara-on-the-Lake or Prince Edward County. There are current threads on each that will provide lots of ideas.

    1. Porter has a seat sale. Have you thought about a quick trip to Boston? Good food and the airport is close to many hotels. With all the driving chaos leaving Toronto on a Friday - you may spend as much time flying as you would have in snarly traffic. I did a weekend in Boston and wrote a post last summer. (Best part was the low cost of wine in the restaurants.)

      (I assume ptbo is Peterborough?)

      1. If you're picking up the kids in Stratford, then Niagara seems like a good idea (you're close enough to do PEC anytime after all) ... Definitely go to Treadwell's for one dinner. Ravine is a really pretty place to have lunch outside. Other than that, there are lots of threads dealing with Niagara dining.

        1. Don't know your budget but Langdon Hall is a pricey but wonderful place to spend a couple of nights near Stratford, with delicious food.

          1. I would definitely add 'Blacktree' in Burlington to your chow list