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What are you making/baking with coconut oil?

I just bought a jar but haven't used it yet. I guess my biggest concern is everything will have a hint of coconut flavor. Not necessarily a bad thing but that's not what I'm going for.

Has anyone used it to make popcorn? Can it take high heat?

So what are you making with coconut oil that you think I should try?

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  1. Is it refined or unrefined?
    If it is unrefined it will probably have a hint of coconut flavor.
    I use it for curries, granola, pie crust, and I made some really good blueberry muffins the other day. I don't use it for popcorn .

    1. One of my friend uses it in smoothies

      Did you get the gigantic jar from Costco? I have had my eye on that but it is so big!

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        I bought one! It *is* big and I feel pressure to use it now. It was pretty cheap, though.

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          No, I would never buy a huge jar of something I was unsure about! I bought a small jar in my local supermarket. The brand is LouAna.

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            LouAna isn't the best quality and I believe it's refined. If you find you like using coconut oil, the organic virgin coconut oil at Trader Joe's is $5.99 for a 16 oz jar and is very good.

        2. I have never cooked with Coconut Oil.My mom says she cooked eggs with it.I would love to cook some Carrots in the oil and see what that taste like.

          1. It's the best for popcorn. Handles high heat great.

            1. I find it goes very well with eggplant in a stir fry type of dish. Also, curries.

              1. How do you make a pie crust with it? Do you chill it? I know it melts very easily and I don't have air conditioning in the kitchen so I wondered if it would be too liquid for a pie crust.

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                  If you chill it, it's like working with concrete. Use it at room temp (below 78F, when it melts). If you chill your crust before rolling it, you will need to let it come back to room temp before you can roll it. The advantage, in addition to the slight coconut flavor, is that leftover pie will not get soggy in the fridge.

                  I use Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownie mix, adding walnuts, when I want to make brownies, because it is excellent and I don't make chocolate things often enough to merit keeping cocoa powder on hand. I thought they could not be improved upon until I started using melted coconut oil as the fat component. The little hint of coconut takes them to a new level.

                  The Costco jar keeps indefinitely at room temp without becoming rancid. I've had one on the counter for over 18 months. It melts, solidifies, melts again, etc., according to season, without any change in quality.

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                    I use the big jar from Costco, which is unrefined, and it says on the label to avoid temps over 350, so I haven't used it for popcorn or roasting. It definitely has a coconut flavor, which I like.

                    I have been giving it to my dogs, putting it in my oatmeal, using to cook eggs and stir fries, instead of butter on toast, and for baking. It was really good in a cornbread recipe instead of butter (actually, I made the whole recipe dairy free for a friend, and subbed buttermilk made with almond milk for the regular buttermilk too). I use it for a healthy oatmeal muffin recipe that I make frequently. Supposedly, baked goods made with coconut oil keep longer than ones made with butter.

                    If the recipe calls for melted butter or oil, I nuke the coconut oil briefly so it's liquid.

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                      I use it for making popcorn on the stove. No problem.

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                    I don't eat wheat so I use coconut oil and almond meal (from Trader Joe's) to make a graham cracker style crust with it. Make it with the oil in it's liquid form and then chill it to firm it up.

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                      If it is warm enough in the room to melt it, then you need to chill it. Pour out the amount you need and chill that, then proceed as you would for chilled butter or lard.

                    2. This quinoa granola recipe is what made me a huge coconut oil fan- i omit the buckwheat and use more quinoa instead- your house/apt will smell amazing when it bakes, very light coconutty flavor to it. I love to dunk slices of apple in the granola

                      I also love it for roasting vegetables, instead of butter on toast, its amazing instead of butter on a baked sweet potato. I also often add a tsp or so to green smoothies to make the fat soluable vitamins more bioavailable.

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                        Do you use unrefined oil for roasting veggies? At what temp?

                        It's also amazing on corn on the cob!

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                          I use an organic unrefined coconut oil, depends on the veg for how long but usually 350 or 375.
                          I use coconut oil for nearly everything- i used it in a vinegrette for a quinoa and veggie salad that was really good (eaten room temp not cold)

                      2. Homemade magic shell for ice cream.

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                          Yes!! Coconut oil + cocoa powder!

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                            To make chocolate-coated frozen bananas, I used virgin coconut oil and a dark chocolate bar, melted together. Dipping frozen banana slices into the hot mixture made it harden instantly.

                        2. I use it for stir frying, curries and any and all Indian dishes I make. It is good for baking as well, if you like a hint of coconut flavor, and it makes delicious popcorn. The jar from Costco is an excellent value and high quality.

                            1. Coconut oil does make a good moisturizer.I have some

                              Cream with Coconut in it.

                              1. It is a Must if you want your Popcorn to taste like the Movie Theater's(or at least what it used to taste like).
                                It is a must in a few South Indian Curries.
                                Aviyal a Vegetable & Coconut Stew
                                Nadan Kozhi a Kerala style Chicken Curry with no Coconut Milk
                                Added to some Dishes raw after cooking more often used for a final addition of Tempered Spices at the End of Cooking.

                                1. I use it in muffins to give a bit of extra taste.

                                  1. It's great for granola. Carrot cake. An orange cake that calls for olive oil. I used a mix of it and butter to make blonde brownies once. I've sauteed shrimp in it as well.
                                    And now I have some more ideas after reading this thread.

                                    1. Coconut oil works fine with popcorn.