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Aug 14, 2014 03:18 AM


I am new to cheese. Well, I didn't like it ten years ago, so didn't eat any.
Now, I have started tasting the stuff and like it quiet a bit. Then every now and then I go nibble at a cheese from wholefoods and give up on the idea of eating cheese.

Here is what I like so far, Parmesan (2004). I liked a Parmesan served at fugo de chao, but the one from wholefoods didn't taste like the one I had at fugo de caho.
I also like pepper jack cheese. I also like blue cheese, at least the one served with chicken wings.

I tried brie cheese once and felt like throwing up.

Now, how do I get started and understand the different cheeses? So, I can see a cheese and know, oh I might like that. I probably should stay away from this one ...

To recap, a cheese novice, with no idea of what is out there. Willing to experiment, but would like a place to start my experiments with a little bit more than random experiments which have failed. I might even like the cheese, but maybe I didn't expect the flavor when I picked it up at whole foods. Also, don't understand the hard vs soft vs whatever else is out there classification.

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  1. So far it appears you like hard cheeses. This is not uncommon for many of us, especially anyone who comes to cheese late in the game. Some of us never get to cheeses like Brie and Camembert; they can be an acquired taste, and some that many don't think worth acquiring. (I'll duck now while waiting for the Brie lovers to throw things at me.)

    There's a fairly large world of hard cheeses to explore; it would probably be a good idea to explore that first, before you even think about putting a toe into the water of soft cheeses. Cream cheese and mascarpone being exceptions, of course.

    Some cheese info here:

    Rather than cheesing it up at Whole Foods, you might find a local cheese shop and talk to the cheesemonger there - tell them what you like, have them make suggestions, and yes, they will let you sample cheeses.

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      The Cheese Shop advice is great. You can try many cheeses and see where it leads you. If the Monger really loves Cheese they are usually pretty motivated to find things that you like and push your boundaries and love to talk about Cheese.

    2. I would say to just keep trying them. Even if you know you don't like it. Maybe the XXXX cheese you tried was raw milk and you don't care for it but the pasteurized version you do. Or verse vica.
      The more you eat, the more you're likely to push out the boundries of what you like.
      Also, there may be some cheeses that you don't like at room temp but when baked, you do.