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Aug 13, 2014 11:17 PM

What should I serve with Truffled Mac and Cheese?

Hey Everyone!

I have a friend coming over for the weekend and I'm trying to throw together a menu for two nights. I'm trying to put together some delicious meals for her because we're both foodies. I was planning on making steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes one night, and then I wanted to fix a truffled mac and cheese on the second night. The only problem is I have no idea what to serve with it besides steak! Any ideas? Should I switch the whole thing up? Help!

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  1. A salad! :)
    Seriously, something light...maybe a green salad or a caprese salad riff (layered tomato and herbs) with a bit of acid in the dressing. Mac and cheese is so rich and always feels decadent, and if you are using truffle butter or truffle cheese, you want it to be the star of the show, IMO.

    If you must have a protein, maybe a simple chicken breast prep (poached and sliced) with a fresh tasting acidic sauce (chimichurri or a gastrique).

    1. Mac and cheese stands on its own- serve as is, bake in individual ramikens, its plenty filling. Definitely a veggie side. Veggie fries are really easy and you can just add to the oven to cook with the mac and cheese.

      This version with zucchini is great, or use the same technique and ingredients for green beans as well. You can omit the parm and just use more panko if you want.

      Roasted radishes are unique and would be a good foil to the heavy main

      1. Something green! I do a baked asparagus that might work- just olive oil, salt and pepper, and topped with Parmesan, baked on sheet pan for about 12 minutes. You could leave off the cheese and just squeeze some lemon over it so that your meal isn't too cheesy. Although, I would argue that nothing can ever be too cheesy :)

          1. I would switch it up. Steak and a slightly bitter Salad(ie.Watercress, Rocket Frisse etc..)with the Mac and Cheese is a good combo.
            Well seasoned Chicken would be fine with mash and can be "spark" in contrast to the Mash.