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Aug 13, 2014 10:21 PM

Jinya Ramen coming to Main St., Santa Monica

Per the sign in the window at the former Bravo Pizzeria, it looks like li'l ol' Main Street is gettin' some noodle action soon.

In other Main St. happenings:

It looks like Aussie Pies is still not quite open...but getting closer.

And Wildflour Pizza is shuttered; the notice on the front window indicates it is changing ownership, but not much else. It will be interesting to see what changes take place there. Wildflour always had a kind of funky charm to it, but certainly the food could stand to be updated and upgraded.

(And for the fancy ladies: the Paris 1900 shop next to Chinois is winding down. Go ogle those amazing gowns while you still can.)

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  1. the miso ramen is thick and the noodles hit that if they have it

    1. Whoa... That's gonna shake up Main Street a bit. Already got a location on their website:

      I dunno why it's taking Aussie Pies so long. I'm assuming some sort of licensing or final approval from some governmental office.

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      1. re: TheOffalo

        Those savory pies and coffee are going to be GOOD on a grey winter day by the beach. Cozy comfort food. Can't wait for both (pies and winter).

      2. Wildflower means the sourdough pizza in culver city? Do you know when they re-open?

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        1. re: csh123

          Hmm, I'm not familiar with the Culver City pizza you mention.

          The notice posted on the Wildflour window didn't have any info about a re-open date, but I'll keep an eye on it and update here with any new developments.

          1. re: csh123

            I believe you are thinking of Wildcraft in that wedge where Washington and Culver meet, which also recently closed, albeit temporarily while they retool the concept a bit--expanding beyond pizza (which will remain on the menu) to add more upscale Italian dishes.

          2. I miss the Omelet Parlor, anyone know what's going in that location?