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Aug 13, 2014 09:14 PM

Best Poutine

So I'm new to this Canadian dish, poutine....where's the best place to get this in either Montreal of Quebec City?

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  1. There are many threads on this topic.

    I recommend Patiti Patata or Frite Alors or Poutineville...or maybe even just La Belle Province.

    The most popular place is La Banquise.

    I suggest getting the traditional poutine wherever you decide to go... like pizza, poutine gets worse the more toppings you have

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      Yes and no. I have a fondness for the Galvaude at Banquise - it's basically the equivalent of a hot chicken sandwich over fries, peas included. Otherwise, I agree that traditional is the way to go.

      1. re: kpaxonite

        Just an FYI for the OP, the basic poutine at Poutineville is pretty lame. It's a gimmicky place and their best poutines are the gimmicky ones. I went their expecting that they could do a good basic poutine and was very disappointed by the refrigerated cheese and industrial sauce.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          I agree. I don't understand what people like about this place. I have not been there a lot obviously, but the 3 times I went nothing was really good. And every time they managed to forget something on my order (even when I was just adding 2 or 3 vegetables). I think gimmicky is the good word to describe them.

          To Patiti Patata, Frite Alors and La Banquise, I would add Poutine Centrale.

          1. re: Glaff

            Oh yes, Poutine Centrale is pretty darn good.

        2. re: kpaxonite

          For the most part, plain really is the way to go. But bacon and poutine go so very well together. Hard to resist the bacon.

        3. Asking Montreal's favorite poutine is like asking fir new york's best burger. There is just so much choice! La banquise is a very solid poutine (this is the one I'd choose). A lot of people like patati patata. I like frite alors' pulled pork poutine. I'm not crazy about the one at la belle province but i do have a weakness for the poutine at lafleur (especially the one on saint-denis on the corner of carre saint-louis). Finally, i like paul patate's poutine because its near where i live and they serve it with housemade spruce beer (its a spruce soda, non alcoholic, traditional to quebec)

          1. My suggestions would be to go to one of the Poutineville, I've had some recently and they were all excellent.

            Others good options are La Banquise, Mont-Royal Hot-Dog, McCarolds (if you are already in Côte-Des-Neiges) or for a portuguese twist, the one at Ma Poule Mouillée or at Romados.

            1. Maamm Bolduc is where you want to go. Have traditional or Bourguignonne.

              Otherwise, Paul Patate is very good.