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Aug 13, 2014 09:12 PM

Dim Sum in Chinatown

NYer here, and I'll be heading up to Montreal this weekend. What's the best place for dim sum in Montreal?

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  1. The dim sum you can get in NYC is far better than what you can get in Montreal.

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      So don't bother with it then? Any must try's in Montreal for a spoiled palette?

      1. re: kpaxonite

        kpaxonite, I have to strongly disagree with you. I've enjoyed Dim Sum in many places throughout North America & Montreal definitely is as good if not better than New York. Plus much cheaper.

        Now I will agree the selection can be more limited than offerings in other cities but for most people's idea of Dim Sum we are fine. You can always order off menu & if you want a larger menu then Crystal Chinois is the place

        The challenge with Dim Sum is freshness, you want to get the food before its been around the room for thirty minutes.

        The strength of New York & San Francisco is they have the mass so the food goes quickly & is refreshed often.

        We have smaller places so sometimes the cart has been around a few times before it gets to you.

        The most important thing whether choosing Kam Fung or Ruby Rouge is get there early, 11-1130.

        Dim Sum is about the food, atmosphere & getting together with friends and at Kam Fung & Ruby Rouge you can do both very well.

        1. re: InterFoodie

          "We have smaller places so sometimes the cart has been around a few times before it gets to you."

          For this reason my favourite dim sum in Montreal is Crystal Chinois, as you order off the menu and everything is super fresh, and you can get exactly what you want instead of hoping it happens to come by on a cart.

        2. There are three dim sum of note: kam fung, ruby rouge and crystal chinois. I prefer ruby rouge myself but crystal chinois is more fancy. It is of general consensus that your dim sum is better but i never had the chance to try it.

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          1. re: CaptCrunch

            Foodiegirl76, I've been to Kam fung and Crystal Chinois, I'd say NYC dim sum is better and unfortunately I don't think of Montreal as a destination for Chinese food.

            Other than the required family meals at a Chinese restaurant, I wouldn't eat Chinese food in Montreal coming from NY. I'd focus more on the wealth of French/French-Canadian restaurants and bakeries.

            If you were in Toronto or Vancouver it'd be a different story.

            1. re: Pookipichu

              Thanks! That's good to know! I always find that the west coast has better Asian food overall!!

              Checking out Hotel Herman for dinner....any suggestions for any lunch spots?

              I do love to check out other Chinatowns in other cities! They always tend to be soooo much cleaner and friendlier than the ones in NYC....including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn!

              1. re: foodiegirl76

                Montreal's Chinatown does have some highly decent Vietnamese restaurants, if that interests you.

                1. re: foodiegirl76

                  Ours isn't really a Chinatown as much as a China block. Its would be tiny even in a city half Montreal's size.

                  I've only had Dim Sum twice in NYC, but in both cases it was better than the average dim sum here.

              2. re: CaptCrunch

                Yeah I'd say Ruby Rouge is my favorite, the place is huge too and pretty traditional feeling, the service has always been very friendly.

                I tried Crystal Chinois (it looks like a tacky wedding hall) once and never even got to the food portion because the service was so bad, like they refused to give us water and threw menus at us when we asked for them. After 45 minutes of waiting to order food we left. I've heard it's a great place but I just don't think I'll be going back.

                1. re: pkzilla

                  I am now on the fence on whether or not to go for dim sum or not....

                  1. re: foodiegirl76

                    Well I've never had in it NYC but Kam Fung and Ruby have always been really good!

                    1. re: pkzilla

                      After reading the Yelp reviews, I'm going with Kam Fung. Looks like it's going to be raining anyway, so j might as well stay indoors and eat my way through Montreal this Saturday:)

                      1. re: foodiegirl76

                        Don't go by Yelp reviews. And don't bother with Kam Fung. It's okay, but doesn't come close to anything you can get in NYC. If you must have dim sum, go to Crystal Chinois. But really, there are much better lunch options here. Lawrence has a weekend brunch, as does Maison Publique. Or try Le Gros Jambon. You won't find anything like them in NYC. And Vin Papillon (if it's open this weekend- they may still be on vacation) is worth checking out for dinner, or just a good glass of wine.

                    2. re: foodiegirl76

                      Go for mezes instead at one of the highly recommended Middle Eastern places in town. You really can't beat Middle Eastern in Montreal.