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Aug 13, 2014 08:53 PM

Duvel Belgian beer - now unavailable?

Beer Bistro still lists it in their beer menu, but the LCBO lists it as discontinued. Any hounds know where to reliably go to drink it? Or buy it?

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  1. I have noticed the absence of Duvel for a while now. I saw a new type of Duvel (houblon=hoppy) at Queen East/Coxwell in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, but it had been sold out (and not replaced) by last Sunday. Was I dreaming? Belgium is a small country, and I can only imagine that they are finding it difficult to supply booming world demand (maybe from China?).

    1. Last seen around Xmas in the gifty Belgian sampler pacs but not since.

      1. Looks like there is still some Triple Hop available in Toronto

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          Thanks! If the lead with Horizon (see dubchild's post below)doesn't pan out then I'll call LCBO on Cooper St and get them to hold some Devel Triple Hop. Funnily enough, I don't drink beer! This is for my godson who will be visiting from Bermuda where Duvel has never been available, but he really likes it, so I was sure that somehow in Toronto I could source it, or something similar. What does triple hop mean???

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            Either it mean 3x the hops were used in the recipe, or maybe you will do the triple hop after drinking it!

        2. Horizon 403-609-5558 is the agent that represents that beer. You may be able to buy cases directly from them.

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            Thanks for that tip! I'll call them and report back.

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              And while you do that, I will contact Delirium's agent as my thirst for a nice Belgium brew has been ignited.

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                I heard from my beer guy that Duvel is changing their format to a 4 pack and it will get relisted when that comes out. Wait and see I guess.

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                  I had a chat with Rob from Horizon - he says the LCBO is kinda slow when there is a packaging change, but anticipates they will have it on the shelves by mid September. Meanwhile, there is no Duvel available anywhere, bars like Beer Bistro sold out long ago. As a good substitute he recommended the triple hop mentioned by foodyDudey earlier in this thread. Cooper Street LCBO has it but in limited supply.

                  1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                    And unfortunately there really is no beer like it.

                    1. re: dubchild

                      Wonder why none of the craft breweries in Ontario offer a similar beer? Is it down to the ingredients, or the brewing method?

            2. Duval should be available next week in the LCBOs

              request product number 379990 at your local LCBO and they will bring it in for you