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Aug 13, 2014 08:35 PM

Need advice on a Bread Knife

I find myself in a weird predicament today. I am trying to decide on buying a bread knife and am stuck btw a 10'' Victorinox Fibrox Wavy and a 8'' Wusthof Classic Bread Knife. Normally I would go with the cheaper of the two but due to my job a can get the Wusthof for around $60 and the Fibrox is listed at $50.00 on amazon. I have looked at a few other websites for the Fibrox but with shipping they end up being roughly the same. So should I spend the extra $10 and get the Wusthof, save with the Fibrox, or something else?

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    1. Generally, a longer bread knife is more efficient to use. I don't much like bread knives less than 9 or 10 inches. 8 inches isn't unacceptable, but I'd prefer longer.

      The Wusthof will cut more aggressively on account of its serration pattern. Will likely have an easier time with extremely thick-crusted bread. Meanwhile, the Victorinox will tear less while cutting, which can be advantageous when cutting meat, making cleaner slices of bread, or not making a mess.

      The fibrox handle is more contoured and less slippery when wet. It's very functional. It doesn't look as nice as the Wusthof handle though.

      They're made of fairly comparable steels. You can fudge the sharpening of the victorinox more easily at home due to the serration pattern.

      All in all, they're of pretty comparable quality. If you like the Wusthof a lot more, there's no reason not to spend the extra $10, but don't fork out extra just because it's a 'better' knife, because it's not really.

        1. Thanks for the advice cowboyardee and the link dcrb. First post on chow turned out to be a success. And I just bought a Tojiro DP Gyuto 210 (that I love) so thanks EatFood for adding another wrinkle to my conflict.

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            FWIW, I like Eatfood's answer better than mine.

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              I've had my eye on that knife for a while. Heard so many great things. Plus, at over $40 cheaper than the Mac, it seems like a bargain.
              I'm currently using a Wustof that is too short (8 inches I think), and not scalloped edged. It drives me nuts but it was a gift, and free so I'm tolerating it.

          2. I don't know the knives you're referencing but my rec is a good serrated blade with an offset handle. Offsetting the handle means that your knuckles aren't scraping when you get down to the cutting board.

            Mine is a Shun and I'm very happy with it if that counts. Don't remember what it cost only that whatever it was, it's worth it.