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Is Thremapen the only option?

Is there a reasonable and effective alternative to the pricy Thermapen?

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      I'm lovin' mine. It gets used a couple of times a week. The backlight is great, and the speed is only a bit behind a Thermapen. Catch a sale, and it's 75% cheaper than a full-price Thermapen.

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        I bought one for a friend and it looks to work almost as well as the 3-4 times more expensive thermapen. Don't get me wrong, I really like my thermapen, but the thermapop has to be the next best thing for checking food temperatures. They will be in Christmas stockings this year for my son and 3 son-in-laws.

      2. I don't know the brand of mine (and not at home) but it cost about $15 IIRC, and it works great.

        1. Thermoworks makes a variety of options at different price points. I've never regretted spending the money on the Thermapen and I really like my ChefAlam from them also.

          1. Thermapen....often imitated, never duplicated. :)

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              Like other good pieces of cooking equipment that work well and last, the cost has to be spread out over a lifetime of use.

            2. one thing i'd recommend with a thermapen is to buy one for the opposite hand. im right handed and wish I had a left handed thermapen now. i always have tongs or am utilizing my right hand at the grill and thats awkward with a right handed thermapen.

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                Thermopop the display will rotate so it is always easy to read.

              2. Hi Guys,

                Thanks for the push. My dad always said if you need a tool buy the best you can afford. You will save money in the end because if you really need it you are going to end up buying it any way...

                The Thermapen arrived today.


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                  Another old saying is if you can't afford to do it once, you most certainly can't afford to do it twice.

                  You bought an outstanding piece of cooking equipment that will last a lifetime with proper care. Enjoy!