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Aug 13, 2014 07:46 PM

Sunday dinner in Santa Monica

Where would you guys suggest going to?

I was thinking either Fig or Rustic Canyon.

which one is better? Any better option in Santa Monica?

Another option would be to drive to Venice. I've always wanted to try Superba Snack Bar.

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  1. Between the two I like RC better, but I haven't been to FIG in quite some time, and some of the new dishes look really good. Unfortunately, FIG does not serve dinner on Sunday.

    I like RC or Tar & Roses. T&R has some seats just for walk-ins if you can't get a reservation.

    How about Fork in the Road ( Seems quite under the radar. Haven't been there myself.

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    1. re: TheOffalo

      I love T&R. The tar bar is to die for.

      thanks for the suggestions. I didn't even realize that Fig does not serve dinners on Sundays.

    2. Farmshop has a good Sunday night Fried Chicken Dinner

      1. The new Superba Food + Bread on Lincoln has their wonderful Fried Chicken dinner on Sunday nights.

        I am also a big fan of Tar & Roses.