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Where would you recommend for upscale (but not fancy or Southern ) farm to table , tapas , interesting food ? Have looked at Nan and Byron, Vivace, blue. Restaura t, Halcyon

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  1. Good Food on Montford? Anyone have thoughts? I'd like to try it.

    1. N&B is meh. Love Good Food on Montford and Bistro La Bon on Central.

      1. Agree with the others - N&B is nothing special. Customshop, Bistro La Bon and Good Food are all good bets.

        1. Check out

          1. Thank you all. Customshop has made the list . Nan and Byron is off! Good food on Montfort looks good, too...

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              Customshop is my favorite but all the others mentioned by folks above are great too. I'm dying to try Heirloom but haven't yet. Waitress, have you been? If so, please share some photos (I know you have some - wink)and details! :)

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                My wife and I dined at Heirloom several weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have no photos and my memory of specific details has been fading over time. But I can definitely say that we enjoyed the food.

                As most people here are probably aware, it's in a unique location; what is otherwise a restaurant dessert in northwestern Charlotte. From our part of town, the journey was part of the adventure.

                The place is unimpressive from the outside (it's housed a former stand-alone Mexican restaurant). The interior decor reminds me of many of the restaurants you find in various wine countries, like the finger lakes region in Upstate New York or out in Napa and Sonoma. It is made up of wood from an old barn to remind you that it is a true farm-to-table experience.

                They have both a tasting menu and a traditional menu. The tasting menu looked incredible, but with my wife being pregnant, she was nervous about a few things on it, so we decided to share items off of the traditional menu. I apologize for not remembering everything about the food we ate. I can tell you that when they served the bread, they brought out fresh herbs which the server chopped in front of us and mixed in with olive oil. We started with a pulled pork crostini that was very good. Then we split two entrees. One was grilled duck breast, which was solid, if unspectacular. The vegetables that came with it were fresh from the garden outside of the restuarant, and you could taste the freshness. The highlight was actually their version of chicken cacciatorri. It was fall off the bone delicious and came with wonderful root vegetables. We finished with a light dessert consisting of peaches and blackberries, but I can't remember what the dessert actually was. The menu changes daily, so perhaps it doesn't matter what I can't remember. I'll add that service was excellent. Don't go there if you're in a hurry, however, as dining there is an intentionally slow experience with everything very spaced out, which is generally fine for us.

                My biggest gripe with the place would be the choice of music that was played that night. It was country, and not the classic country of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, etc., but the horrible pop country that exists today. It is an incredible challenge for me to have to endure that crap for more than a couple minutes (or at all). I don't know if someone working there that night was just in a mood to hear that music or if they're trying to make it part of their farm-to-fork theme, but I hope it's not the latter. That would be a mjor deterrent for me. Having to listen to that crap while eating my meal is comparable to seating me in the restroom and making me eat my meal there.

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                  Aahahaha! Ickymettle, I am SO with you on the pop country - that would leave a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended).

                  I always respect your opinion and feedback so it sounds well worth a visit. Hopefully they'll be piping out better tunes.

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                  Ugh, I'm with you on the pop country, maybe that was a one night choice! I haven't been to Heirloom proper, I just attended a popup dinner. Here's the link, it's only 3 mins!

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                    Wow! I loved everything about that video - well done! Thanks for sharing. I need to get to Heirloom asap.

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                        Ah, waitress, I just put it together! The photo next to your name is too small for me to tell, but you photographed my wedding last year along with Liza.

                        I don't want to veer too far off topic, but waitress is an amazing photographer.

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                          OH wow!!!!!!! That's amazing!! Your wedding was awesome. I always wonder who the Charlotte people are!!

              2. Ok so I'm looking for something along these lines but for lunch on Saturday. Normally I'd just go to Lulu's, but looking for something different. Any ideas?

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                  Check out Littlespoon, which recently opened on Selwyn Avenue.

                  Also, while I haven't eaten there yet, Draught, which just opened in the old Hartigan's spot, looks like t has a lot of potential. I walked in, and it's a really cool space. The menu also looks really good.

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                    I think Heirloom would be a good fit too. They serve lunch/brunch on Saturdays. I haven't been yet, but I've heard good things.


                    Also, Earl's Grocery, which opened not too long ago on Elizabeth Ave. It's a specialty foods store and restaurant (similar to Two Boroughs Larder in Charleston if you are familiar). They have some of Charlotte's top talent - Marc Jacksina formerly of Halcyon, is executive chef and cheesemonger Regina Healy, formerly of Dean & DeLuca. The focus is fresh and local - everything from cheeses, beers, produce, many products - are sourced locally. www.earlsgrocery.com Here is a link to Helen Schwab's recent write up about it (she also mentions Littlespoon): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014...

                    Wherever you go, please let us know how you make out. Enjoy!

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                      We tried to hit up Savor on Morehead but they were closed for renovations. We spent the morning sampling goat cheese @ the regional farmers market, so we ended up at Intermezzo for their goat cheese, portobello, red pepper tower.

                    2. This is a little out of the box, but Fern on Central Ave is excellent. It's vegetarian (I'm not) and I've never missed meat there. Very good, creative food