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I have a recipe that calls for peach schnapps. What can i substitute it with?

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  1. What do you have and what are you making? The closest would be apricot schnapps, otherwise I'd suggest an orange liqueur like triple sec or Cointreau. Southern Comfort and Amaretto are also both very good with peaches, though they won't reinforce the peach flavor in quite the same way.

        1. As babette indicated, it greatly depends on what it is you're making.

          1. are you wanting to eliminate the alcohol? if so just use some of the syrup from canned peaches

            1. I've never had peach schnapps around.. (Who has?) But the elements to sub would be white wine and some honey, I imagine--that is, provided you're asking simply because, well, who has peach schnapps around....

              Also: consider any sweet alcohol thing, like Pernod or Grand Marnier.

              If avoiding alcohol, just leave it out and add a small amount of any sweetener you like, such as honey or agave nectar or just sugar.