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rangoon kitchen in san gabriel

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anyone tried it ?????

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  1. i understand that it's essentially fuji west minus the tokyo lobby menu.

    1. My parents went two weeks ago and loved it. My dad grew up in Rangoon, Burma and said the food was excellent. There were a lot of Burmese expats there dining as well.

      1. went for lunch today. only two of us, so we tried the mohinga, tea leaf salad and the braised pork with mango pickle. when i asked if they had an appetizer with chickpea tofu, they brought an complimentary appetizer that included a salad and some chickpea tofu.

        the mohinga came in two separate bowls and they offered addiional broth. we combined both bowls and probably let it sit a bit longer than was wise before we got to it (last). the vermicelli still had its texture but the deep fried stuff dissolved losing the texture but adding a smokiness to the broth.

        speaking of texture, the tea leaf salad (forgot to take a pic) kinda overwhelmed me with a crunchy mouth feel such that the tea leaves were kinda like a flute playing next to a set of bagpipes. i liked daw yee's rendition a lot more.

        and of course, any myanmar dish with pork (braised) AND mango (pickled) had to be tried. i was expecting a little sweeter and it also turned out to be a bit saltier than i was expecting.