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Aug 13, 2014 04:33 PM

PAZZOChow Pasta

Happened to be near Quebec St so I picked up a bowl of pasta with Sugo sauce at PazzoChow; what a treat; couldn't be more simple - home made pasta with a killer sauce but my did it taste good; $8 for medium size serving was not cheap but it seemed OK to me because it tasted so fine. Nice stop for a quick lunch as they have salads, sandwiches and brown paper ice cream.

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  1. They have a single table inside and 2 outdoor tables. There is a small grocery section with a nice selection of pastas and other imported goods. They also serve up ice cream and a few savoury lunch choices.

    I tried their special of the day - fagiolata ($10 per bowl) which was served with a piece of focaccia.

    The focaccia was freshly baked, and fluffy. It had nice course salt and overall was a good job. The fagiolata was a bit different than any I have had before. It was topped with raw kale, and I believe the fagiolata itself didn't have any meat in it. (At least I couldn't identify any.) The base was white beans with a rich tomato sauce. They placed the raw kale and some shredded hard cheese on top. Then they drizzled a bit of sage oil. I found the fagiolata to be a bit one noted. It could have used some meat flavour to make it more complex, and perhaps a bit more garlic. I also would have enjoyed a bit more in terms of herbal flavours. It tasted very pure tomato. I felt that $10 was over priced for the quantity and simplicity of what was served.

    Overall the place holds promise, and I hope they get their legs and a little bit of balance in the food - and perhaps adjust their prices or portion sizes to match.