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Montreal breakfast

We'd love some savoury/sweet crepes and great café au lait in a bowl. Any suggestions?

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  1. Spanel on Notre-Dame is a very good crêperie and their backyard terrasse is charming and secluded.

    1. I like P'tit Cochon Santé (http://cochonsante.com/ 4293 Notre-Dame west), especially the buckwheat crepes with ham, brie and apple. It comes with an egg and greens with a zesty vinaigrette.

      1. La Bulle au Carré next to carré st-louis on st-denis. Love their crepes, savory and sweet.

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          La Bulle is such a nice location too, looking out onto the Carré.

        2. Juliette et Chocolat does both types of crepes (the savoury ones are called galettes BTW). And they do a large cafe au lait, which I assume is in a bowl. I have only had their espresso, so I can't say if their cafe au lait is great or just good, but perhaps someone else can chime in with info on it.

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            J&C is ok in terms of coffee. if OP is going to the prince-arthur location, there's Kitsuné next door that does really great coffee. i don't know if it comes in a bowl but coffee is what they do good

          2. I really like the food and atmosphere at bistro passé compose. They have crepes, delicious sandwiches and the best french toast I have ever eaten. Their crepes are sweet so I am not sure if that is a deal breaker for you. The coffee is very good as well. Whenever I have a bowl of cafe au lait I always ask for a double shot of coffee and sometimes that is not even enough.

            1. I've always enjoyed Eggspectation. I've never had a crepe there, but the cade au lait is fabulous. I usually get the Canadian breakfast with the baked beans in homage to my grandmother. It's an English-aligned place, not a French place, so it won't suit if you want the whole French atmosphere.

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                If you enjoy Expectations, then any of the restaurants suggested on this thread will simply blow you away & you may never mention that tired chain ever again :-)

              2. La bulle is perfect but clods before 11am. I looking for some place early in the am.

                Yes, it is the galettes we love too!

                1. I guess you may have already done Jean Talon Market, but you can get good crepes there (Creperie du Marche ) and it would open early. Could get a decent latte next door at Brulerie St-Denis.

                  1. Sorry to be late to the party and, having thought about it, I'd try breton crepes if you never had them.

                    The problem is most place i know open pretty late (11h30 am for ty breiz on saint-denis and 11h00 at chez suzette in the old montreal and la bulle au carre on the plateau... Right beside ty breiz) so I haven't been there for yeeears. (I usually go out for breakfast on sunday morning with friends)

                    1. Thanks for the suggestion of Le Petit Couchon. We were looking for somewhere to have breakfast before heading back to Toronto. This place satisfied the teenagers desire for creeps and my gluten free diet AND it was in the westend so literally on our way out of Montreal. Good cafe at lait too!

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                          Thanks for the typo :) I had such a good, much needed laugh!