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Aug 13, 2014 10:39 AM

Outskirts of NOLA Recs? Looking for a cajun destination lunch 45min-1.5hr away

Hey guys,

I'm going to be in NOLA (sorry, staying in French Quarter) in two weeks and was wondering if you had some great recommendations for destination lunches outside of the city. I feel like I've seen a ton of Anthony Bourdain/Travel Channel/Mind of a Chef/etc segments on awesome, authentic Cajun food places that aren't too terribly far from the city. I'll have a car and am happy to drive.

I know I'm being a bit vague, but basically what I'm looking for is an authentic cajun cookout, where I can really experience the local cuisine. I'll eat anything, and want to try everything. I don't care about the setting, decor, or need any tablecloths. The more local the better. As long as the food is great, I'm a happy camper.


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  1. These are pretty much local places but that do attract some tourists. Most of these places have web sites.

    Spahrs Des Allmends known for their catfish. A favorite stopping place for oil field hands traveling hwy 90.

    Hymels on the river road in Convent

    The Cabin in Gonzales

    Pier 51 Laplace family seafood, There are a number of similar good seafood places in Kenner. Kenner Seafood is a trip back in time and I think it has every Jazz Fest poster ever printed.

    Jolly Inn Houma. Simple Cajun food plus live music.

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      Have you been to the Cabin in recent memory? I have not but that is because I've been steered away from it as though it were an overturned truck of HazMat materials. It might be fine, I don't know. I just default to Hymel's or go into Baton Rouge.

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        I haven't been upriver in a while. My only recent forays have been Kenner Seafood and Jolly Inn. I think there was a visitors favorable review of Hymels last year.

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          any great off roads bars ???? no tvs of course.

          old, old, old school.

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            Upriver being definitely LSU country I don't think you will find a bar without a TV and being football season it will be on.

            Driving up the river road you will see a few bars clustered around a grain elevator or chemical plant. My time on the river road always involved work so I've never stopped into any pure bars.

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              Sadly, I agree: there is no such thing as a bar without television anymore. Even little places on Lake Salvadore or Lac des Allemans have them, tuned to WWL and, as you say, ANY football game of whatever incompetence...doesn't matter what it is, just have the goddamn box on.

              Sometime back I went to a swamp joint with friends for a special night of cooking...drove 90 minutes or more to get there. An otherwise perfect night was marred and jarred by a damn guitar"player" with amplification for a room no bigger than a pressbox. Cannot have conversation anymore, just goddamn noise from whatever source.

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          Thank you!! These are awesome suggestions. Going to look into them all

        3. I don't know, I'd just go to Middendorf's. Without getting too far into the "authentic Cajun cookout" (???) conversation, I think Middendorf's has pretty much everything you have in mind and it's fun to be out on the lake.

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              Middendorf's is a good food choice, but it's funny a "Cajun" place called Middendorf's run by a Chef named Horst Pfeifer.

              If you read the history the founders were poor hunters and fishermen but good talkers and bartenders!

              Well, Alsace and Acadian both start with an A. :-)

              Not to steal a thread but I wonder if there are other N.O. older restaurants that have the apparent disconnect between its name/founders/cuisine.

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                just saw a movie with the name Horst, in it, i know it's not about food, but is is a common Cajun name ?????


                also, anyone happen to know if Nook Bonni's is still making superb boudin ??????

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                  Horst is not at all Cajun which was my point.

                  Although the Germans had a great influence in New Orleans with their wave of immigrant laborers. St. Roch cemetery has a lot of German vaults.

                  The movie may have had Horst Bucholtz in it.

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                    movie had the character's name as horst, mazurksy's "bob carol ted alice"

                    i see, got it, thanks.

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                    Because no one responded to your last question I'll step in. Nook(Waldo) Bonin died in 2007, I think it was, and his wife Delores (who lots of people said made the stuff) died a year or two before he did. Every now and then there used to be rumors of the stuff surfacing somewhere but I've never substantiated one and think it is just a fun legend to spin. Sorry.

                    You might try NuNu in Milton,LA.

            2. How about Boutte's in Lafitte? I haven't been there since I was a kid, but it's still open and fits the bill with local seafood...about a hour away.

                1. I've only been once, and would defer to more informed opinions, but would B&C Seafood, in Vacherie, qualify here?

                  I loved that place.

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                    I think B&C qualifies f'sure. I was just down by their crab processing plant today. Crabs, by the way, are running great.