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Aug 13, 2014 09:26 AM

2 weeknight stay in October

We're going to be making our 2nd trip to DC (ever for me) in October. We'll be staying on weeknights. I'm looking for suggestions for lunch in DC (we'll be taking one of the trolley tours during the days, and would like to find something close to their route) and for dinner. We're coming in by train, so we won't be driving anywhere. We used the Metro last trip, and will also be using it this trip, obviously. We're staying in Arlington.

For one dinner, we're willing to go as high as $150 to $175 (including tip etc) so I'm hoping someone has suggestions that would fit that price range. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We - as in at least 2. Is that the case, or are their more people? You're looking to spend about $135 before tax and tip for your group? Alcoholic beverages included?

    Where have you been and what do you like to eat?

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      Sorry for the lack of detail. 2 people. The price range sounds about right. The only restaurant we've eaten at in DC is a small Irish pub/restaurant not far from the Embassy Suites Crystal City, where we stayed on our last visit. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name.

      We like a lot of different kinds of food, but I'm not much for Thai or Viet Namese etc.

      One place we found online is Ray's the Steaks. A good steakhouse is one possibility. I don't know anything about Ray's other than some reviews I found on Chow.

      She might have a glass of wine. I'm not much of a drinker.

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        I haven't been to Ray's in years - heard it's still good. The newer and more unique steak houses in DC are Rural Society and Del Campo. Joe's Seafood, Steak & Stone Crab is new to DC but available elsewhere in the U.S. Prime Rib is old school but somewhat local to DC. Fogo de Chao and Chima are all you can eat Brazilian steakhouses (where you can try 10-13 different proteins, including beef, chicken, and fish). I like Del Campo for its south American style, but I haven't been to Rural Society or Joe's Seafood.

        What else are you fond of? Do you like to do your own research or you want people to just give you some options to choose from? If the former, go to Washingtonian for a list of the top 100 DC restaurants. Here's a list from Eater

    2. There are lots of threads on DC but my top recommendations are always Jaleo for tapas (get like 7 orders of patatas bravas ;), Rasika/Rasika West End (love, love, love the palak chaat), and Mitsitam in the Museum of the American Indian.

      Random suggestion- do a Segway tour. I just did one and it's a really near way to see sites that I'd never seen before and I'm a DC metro area lifelong resident. And ours ended not too far from Zaytinya so we gorged on hummus and fattoush. Perfect!