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Apr 4, 2006 11:58 AM

Is Waldman's a good place to buy fresh fish?

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Hello everyone - After working in Italy for 3 years my company has moved me to Montreal. I really love this city and I am looking forward to dining out at all the great places I've read about on this board. Also, my husband and I are home cooks and we are looking for a good place to buy fresh fish. We live near a place called Waldman's on Pins ave. - is this a reputable place? Do they have good turnover? Are the fish mongers helpful and knowledgeable? We don't have a car, but we're willing to check some other places too if they are near buses or the Metro. Thanks so much!

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  1. I've never bought at Waldman's simply because I live far away from it, but I do know that it has a very strong reputation. There are great fish mongers at both Jean Talon Market and Atwater Market (both on metro lines)
    They are well worth a look.

    1. You probably know that you can usually judge a fish shop by the smell (if it has much, forget it; some people say there should be NO fishy smell). Waldman's used to be first rate, but it developed a powerful stench a few years ago. Haven't checked it out recently, so you should sniff for yourself. If it fails the smell test, try Nouveau Falero on the west side of ave. du Parc just south of Bernard (80 and 535 buses). It's much smaller than Waldman's, but the staff are very knowledgeable, the wares are fresh and high-quality, and it's always passed the smell test in my experience.

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        I stopped by Waldman's this weekend looking for fresh fish and I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything. The fish smell was too strong. The place didn't smell like the ocean, but more like fish that was sitting out for too long. The place was also empty. This was not the Waldman's of my youth, which was bustling and busy. So now I too am looking for a place to shop for fish.

        1. re: Glen

          Too bad the odor is still there. Last I checked, you could smell it a block away in summertime. Maybe they should knock it down and start over.

          1. re: Marty

            That place is bad news...the people who work there will do anything to sell a fish. Plus they are NOT knowledgable about different types of fish. There are couple of good fish stores on Parc (near Bernard?), a great on eon Somerled in NDG.

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              Thanks for the advice! I'm going to check out your recommendations this weekend.

              1. re: MattyB
                Simon Patrice

                Is there really a fish store on Somerled or do you mean the one on Monkland?

                1. re: Simon Patrice

                  Funny, I was mistaken but it wasnt for the one on Monkland. I meant:

                  Poissonnerie Sherbrooke Epicerie Fine
                  5121, rue Sherbrooke Ouest,
                  Montréal, QC H4A 1T2

        2. I used to live in the village a few years back and was a regular customer of La Mer (corner Rene-Levesque and Papineau). I'm by no means a fish specialist but they had a pretty good selection and the product looked good. You could buy whole fish and they'd prepare it for you. They also sold cheap fresh fish 'remains' to make stock. Haven't been back there in a while, but it would be worth for you to check out.