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Aug 13, 2014 12:35 AM

Surar-free cake??? icing?? and no dyes??

Can someone help me with this?

I offered to make a cake for a first birthday cake for a special one year old. I have a nice banana cake kind of recipe but want the icing to stand up like a buttercream.

I am planning to try beet juice to turn the icing pinkish....
Any sugarfree genius out there have any ideas for me.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Coconut cream - vegan, gluten free and you don't have to add sugar.

    However - it's best when you use it to ice the cake right before you serve it. It is no-where near as stable as you can make buttercream.

    1. Before you start baking alternative and sugar free cakes, you should get the green light from the birthday child's mother. First birthdays are usually a big deal and the family may be anticipating something quite different (in this case a more traditional cake).

      By the way, beet juice has a lot of natural sugar and as such beets are not recommended for diabetic people. I'm only pointing this out in case the child in question has some type of sugar allergy.

      1. A concentrated amount of many brightly colored fruits or veggies can serve as a dye for the frosting...but you may wish to go the pretty pink candles route instead?

        I'm not sure an exact buttercream consistency ditto can be achieved without sugar. As ultimate potato noted, a lot of good recipes are out there for lower sugar frosting (I like the coconut oil/coconut milk one on the "sheletthemeatcake" blog...but since they're coconut oil based, you have to watch them.

        1. I think a cooked flour frosting would probably work well without sugar - the recipe calls for sugar, milk and flour to be cooked together into a thick paste, and then butter is beaten in. However, since the flour/liquid offer stability and volume, you could probably substitute artificial sweeteners fairly easily. The flour defeats the purpose of keeping the frosting low-carb, but if you're only concerned about sugar, that could be an option. I have also made this type of frosting using fruit juice instead of milk, and I'm sure other liquids would work as well.

          1. Do the parents want you to make your special sugar-free cake for the entire party, or just for the toddler? If you're doing the typical 'face-smash' first birthday cake you could just make a toddler-sized one with the special recipe and make a more traditional birthday cake for the rest of the group - a one-year-old isn't going to know what they're missing out on!

            Here's a whole folder of 'sugar-free/gluten-free birthday cakes' from pinterest. I'm sure you can find a good frosting idea in there somewhere!

            Btw I have yet to try it (I just sent for my free sample), but they make Swerve sweetener in a confectioner's sugar format. Here's somebody who used it in their birthday cupcakes - Bear in mind that at ten bucks a bag, that frosting is going to cost a fortune!