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Aug 12, 2014 09:51 PM

1970s cocktail?

I'm throwing a party for an author whose new book is a political and culture history of early 1970s America. We will be offering beer and wine, but I want to add one or two fixed cocktails (rather than having an open, full bar). I've thought of amaretto sour, Harvey Wallbanger, or tequila sunrise, but those all feel very fruity and sweet to me and I'd like to have one option that's a little different and drier. Thoughts? The party is at a hotel where the bartender will have access to whatever we can think up, probably.

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  1. T&T--Tangueray and tonic

    1. Harvey Wallbanger

      ETA: Sorry, I totally missed it in your post!

        1. I always remember my parents drinking 7 & 7 when I was a child (in the '70s). The alliteration of the 7's might be a nice touch…

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          1. re: Tehama

            Sweetpotater, you made me so nostalgic I went out to buy Seagrams today. I must say, this 7&7 is *very* refreshing!!

          2. Sweet, if my family's preferences were a snapshot, it was Rusty Nails during the 60's and 70's.

            Also second 7 & 7, and Cutty and soda.

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            1. re: pinehurst

              If it were me, I'd go with your Rusty Nail plus the Daiquiri and have both ends of the spectrum covered. The Rusty Nail will appeal to more serious drinkers, the daiquiri the middle ground and those who prefer things a little lighter.