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Aug 12, 2014 07:54 PM

kid friendly near Walt Disney Music Center (edited! oops) on a Friday night??

does such a thing exist? i want to take my kid to a music event and am hoping to grab a bite somewhere beforehand - any suggestions? last time i was in the area for Kraftwerk everything that was not a bar was super packed or closed.

sorry i didn't clarify earlier. i think the responses below are all for a different area. and he's almost three and eats most things except spicy.

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  1. McCormicks is easy. Lots of chain choices.

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    1. re: Thor123

      Easy but closed. Left that location in March of this year. Momed on South Beverly might be a good choice or South Beverly Grill (from the Hillstone Group) for that matter. Lots of other options in the area, too. Of course, depends on how old your child is and how adventurous an eater.

    2. How about Korean BBQ at Genwa?

      Or for something quick and casual, Al Gelato?

      1. Do you mean the Music Hall theater on Wiltshire in Beverly Hills?
        If so how about Nate n' Al's?