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Aug 12, 2014 07:17 PM

Hot restaurants that are not too expensive

The hubs and I have a very rare weekend of babysitters both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night we have reservations at Uchico, which I'm thoroughly excited about. We want to try something new on Saturday night but would like a more casual place. I don't want to have two super fancy dinners on back to back nights. Any suggestions on places to go? Anything in East Austin? That's an area we haven't been to much. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bufalina on Cesar Chavez.

      1. Not exactly new but Ze Tejas or Jack Allen's Kitchen are good options. Barley Swine isn't cheap but isn't crazy, it's tapas though.
        Could always do a trailer. If you like Pizza Via 313 is some of the best I've ever had.
        Also you could do Garbo's for dinner. It's BYOB but if you like lobster you'd likely like it.

        1. Kin & Comfort is way north (not east), but very reasonable (and in a food court, so about as un-fancy as it gets). I also love the Bufalina and Garbo's recommendations. Also, Salty Sow is east and is another casual spot with tasty food.

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            great minds think alike: i was gonna post the same thing about K&C! you could then head over to the lakeline alamo drafthouse for a movie and drinks (they have a nice pub inside)...

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Yes! Or over to Snow Monster for some amazing snow ice (that's what we did last time we went to K&C).

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                is noble pig doing dinner yet? that would be fun, too.

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              Joining in on the Kin & Comfort bandwagon. Don't miss the shrimp and grits or the corn fritters.

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                As I said previously I like the mac and cheese.

            3. On the East Side I'm a huge fan of Licha's Cantina. Its a interior mexican restaurant.

              Go for the escargot (yes, escargot in a Mexican restaurant), beef tongue, al pastor, octopus, duck.