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Aug 12, 2014 06:16 PM

Pork Ribs in Pressure Cooker - a day ahead? HELP!

New to this PC thing probably should have used the slow cooker

Defrosted a rack of pork rubs that I never got around to grilling on sunday - use it or loose it decided to try pressure cooker method - but they are not for tonight but tomorrow

I was going to finish with BBQ sauce in the oven - can I do this tomorrow or should I do it tonight then reheat sauced ribs tomorrow? - they are fully cooked now from the PC.

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  1. I'd probably sauce and reheat the ribs tomorrow.

    How'd it work cooking them in a PC? You cut the racks in half or what?
    What pressure did you cook them and for how long?

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      15 min @ "pressure" its a cheap ikea job with no gauge - they look cooked cant really tell how the texture is yet - I am not sure I am happy from what I see

      I just rubbed with seasoning and threw in some dried chilies garlic and pinapple juice for liquid - really trying to be down and dirty - I should not have defrosted but I did.

      Thanks thats the answer I wanted as I would like to just not deal with finishing them tonight.

      1. re: JTPhilly

        Right on, that sounds good. I'll have to give them a shot in my PC sometime soon.
        Post back with results tomorrow.

    2. Pressure cooking works great for ribs, just make sure not to cook them too long. If they are too soft before BBQing, the meat will not have any "bite" and will be mushy. The BBQing will continue to cook the meat, so the pressure cooking should be just to soften the meat somewhat.

      1. Following up the PC ribs came OK

        Cooked them at pressure for 15 Min (maybe a bit longer) then let the pressure release naturally and cool to touch - separated ribs and placed in covered tray in the fridge.

        day 2
        the cooking liquid separated into a gelatinized jus and fat - I skimmed the fat and reserved for another use and incorporated the jus into a bbq sauce that I poured over the ribs and brought to simmer in the oven - then removed the ribs and strained and reduced the sauce to thicken

        served sauced with salad, avocado rice

        the pork was tender and juicy but not the depth of flavor and texture that comes from slow smoking - I would say good but one note. Not a bad method in a pinch - definitely saves some energy, time and heat and would saved a lot more if I just used bottle sauce on reheated ribs.

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        1. re: JTPhilly

          Nice, thanks for the update. I'll give this a go soon. I don't have a smoker (can't in my apt unfortunately) so my alternative is either oven, sous vide, or pressure cooker. Good to know I can make some quick ribs in the PC.

          1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

            I think for flavor alone I would choose slow cooker or oven over the PC, but it is a viable alternative when expedience matters "need ribs now" - I never used sous vide so cannot help there.

            The PC is a relatively new addition and mainly used for dog food so I am still learning what it can and cannot do.

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              I normally do them in the oven. They're good but not great. I actually haven't tried sous vide yet, next weekend maybe. Next time I have a rib craving I need to immediately crush I'll break out the PC, 15 minutes is no joke for ribs.

              I can't put into words how much I love my pressure cooker. I have an 8 quart and am going to buy an additional 12 quart soon I think. Some days I end up using my PC for over 12 hours to push through stock making. I like to make like 40+ cups in a day then use it over a month or 2.

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                Generally speaking, I would say that you can get pretty similar taste from a PC as a slow cooker. There's something of a catch though - a slow cooker evaporates off a litttttle bit more cooking liquid and also gives flavors more time to combine, which can flavor meat more intensely, similar to braising. For a PC, you might get better results by pre-cooking and reducing the cooking liquid a bit to concentrate its flavor, so that the ribs don't wind up tasting watered down.

                Also, I think the method of finishing makes probably a bigger difference to the flavor than that between a PC and a slowcooker anyway. Take those same pressure-cooked ribs and grill them directly over a not-super-hot charcoal or hardwood fire, brushing on a thin layer of nicely thickened sauce once the ribs start browning/crisping up a bit and then again every few minutes... and you'll get plenty depth of flavor.