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Aug 12, 2014 06:03 PM

Just one dinner in Kauai

My husband and I are traveling to Kauai in October for our five year wedding anniversary. We have permits to hike and camp on the Kalalau Trail so every night but one will be spent eating (not very delicious) camping food. But on our last night we plan to splurge on a nice meal and hotel. We are thinking about making our reservation to stay at the Ko'a Kea Hotel - is Red Salt the restaurant most would recommend for our "anniversary meal"? Or is there a better option we shouldn't miss? Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. I think both the hotel and the restaurant are excellent choices. I am curious on the logistics of provisioning, getting to the trail and getting to the other side of the island. After camping with your fellow hikers, room service might be the most romantic! If it's raining and the river crossings are flowing stand down. Too many have been lost trying to get to the other side rather then wait it out. But you know that already.

    1. Love love love the Ko'a Kea hotel and Red Salt is fantastic.
      They serve b/l/d and it's beach location is fab too.
      Been several times since Kauai is my home away from home.

      Marriott Waiohai has a oceanfront grill with great Ono fish tacos for lunch and a cold Hinano Tahitian beer for breaks when you are snorkeling/swimming at Poipu beach area..

      Grand Hyatt Kauai is stunning and you need to go for drinks at Stevenson's Library and sit out on the patio.

      Please report back on the Kalalau trail..I'll be hiking Maui in a couple of weeks but just for the day but you'll experience some very sacred areas and you might get lucky and hear the 'Night Marchers'..just don't look at them!


      1. Red Salt would be my first recommendation on Kauai, too. Merriman's would also be in consideration, probably my second pick.