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Aug 12, 2014 05:57 PM

Weekday Dim Sum for 10 incl kids,

Looking for dim sum for tomorrow, prefer vancouver. Some of us want the best food, and some others would be happy eating burgers (so dim sum on carts is a plus just for the novelty). We are near Stanley park, dinesty on Robson might be good, kirin on 12th sounds good too but we are in cars so need easy parking... Honestly better food is the priority. Thanks in advance

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  1. Dynasty Seafood Restaurant (not to be confused with Dinesty) at Broadway & Willow is good. Ask for a table(s) near the far back of the resto away from the front hustle & bustle. Free parking in underground (bring ticket to restaurant for validation).

    And if the little people (or some big people) want burgers, there's an A&W directly next door :-) My son did that a few times when he just wasn't in the mood for dim sum (I snuck the A&W grub into the resto after our dim sum lunch began, the wait staff noticed but didn't seem to mind !).

    Kirin on 12th/Ash is an equally fine choice with parking inside City Square Mall. Again, IIRC parking can be validated by the restaurant but that might only apply for evenings. Food is above average.

    Both Dynasty and Kirin are *not* cart service. But air con is included and that's a big plus right now :-D

    (I'd suggest against Sun Sui Wah on Main .... too noisy and boisterous for kids, with no "escape" space)

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      Both Kirin and Dynasty validate during the day/weekdays. The parking lot for Dynasty is VILE, however. I'd go with Kirin if only for that reason. I also like the view and space better at Kirin FWIW. The food is very good at both. Just be careful not to order anything outside the dim sum menu or prepare to pay $$$. There was a Mandarin style spicy wonton at Kirin last week that was exemplary...

      1. re: grayelf

        Yes ! That parkade is freakishly small, narrow and dark.

        I should have remembered to mention the Holiday Inn parkade is waaay better, is on the same block, and the parkade entrance ramp is about 300 ft east of Dynasty:

        1. re: LotusRapper

          The only thing I hate more than bad parking lots is paying for parking ;-). There is a bit of a trick at Dynasty, which is to keep going down to the lower levels (yes, it's like going deeper into Mordor). For some reason, the parking stalls get bigger down there. Not expansive but parkable. I'd still go to Kirin, though, as the HVAC at Dynasty kicks into overdrive and you can get frozen out. Plus I like the food a tad more at Kirin.

          1. re: grayelf

            Where would you go to get flounder kew (stir fried filets on top of crispy bones) or any other seafood specialties (king crab maybe)? Ps. Crispy baby pig would be a huge plus, any recommendations? Thanks!

            1. re: barleywino

              I've never tried flounder kew (sounds nifty -- love me some fried fish bones!). A quick Google gets me hits from restos in and around NYC only. Appears to be a Canto dish so maybe Kirin or one of the other higher end seafood places might do it.

              I'm not a crab eater (except in those spring rolls from Mr Red!) but perhaps this thread will be of use: It would appear the king crab season doesn't start till fall...

              1. re: grayelf

                thanks-- any good recs for baby pig? if you like fish bones, next time you're down here in San Fran, try the aji tataki at Saru sushi (usually they only have one order or so available every evening)

                1. re: barleywino

                  I think there was a discussion on here about Filipino suckling pig but it was a good while ago.

                  Thanks for the Saru recco!

                  1. re: barleywino

                    Suckling pig ..... that reminds me, Red Star Seafood on S. Granville (at 67th Ave) does very good suckling pig and BBQ ducks, AND very good dim sum. See these two blog posts from a few years ago:



                  2. re: grayelf

                    Hong kong lounge 2 (san Francisco) turns out to have it if you like fish bones

                  3. re: barleywino

                    It's not flounder and the presentation is different, but I had a similar dish at Golden Lake near the Vancouver/Burnaby border on Hastings street.

                    It was a stunning dish. I think it's on the special dishes menu.

                  4. re: grayelf

                    Thanks for the great suggestions, we ended up at Golden Ocean on w 41st, got a noon reservation, food and service both great. Knowing the rest of my group the parking at Kirin and Dynesty sounded too complicated. The kids loved the atmosphere, and there was mcdonalds across the street (hungry kids are not fun travel companions). Had a bunch of shrimp items (dumplings, fried with tofu, fried with almonds, cabbage and pork, chicken ginger dumplings), and pork dumplings, sticky rice, some kind of buttery pastry with pork inside, and beef in a heavy rice noodle (sorry for my lack of precise name). Very reasonable, and while maybe not creative, we weren't looking for that. And close to UBC MOA to boot!