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Aug 12, 2014 04:58 PM

Mexican near Bergamot: Juquila, Tacomiendo or Monte Alban?

Need a place for a relatively quick lunch not far from Bergamot station. I've always had monte alban, juquila and tacomiendo on my list of "need to try" places when I'm in that area, but haven't yet had the chance to try any of them...

So, given the choice, which would you try between the three? Or is there another option you'd rather give the nod to?

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  1. Tacos Puntas Cabras...


    1. Of the three.... Go monte. And get the barbsco de Chico taxis and the fried bananas.

      1. Monte Alban
        rustic chicken soup...Tlayuda...housemade corn tortillas

        1. Plus three for monte Alban.... We loved the tlayudas also.

          1. I'd go to Monte Alban. But put Tacos Por Favor on your list for a more casual spot and quick bite to eat. I love their salsa rojo.


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                Indeed. The Tacos por Favor Salsa Roja is amongst the best I've had anywhere.