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Aug 12, 2014 02:36 PM

l'artusi or SD26? food emergency

I'm torn. Taking parents out for anniversary meal. Never been to either place, and the sense I'm getting is SD26 is a little "sexier", but seems kind of gimmicky and overpriced. The menu definitely piqued my interest, but I'm still reluctant.
Atmosphere also counts (more so for them)- they'll want to get dressed up and both spots seem like they could go either way. Does one have a less casual vibe than the other?

Help me out! Thanks in advance

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  1. Lunch about 2 months ago at SD26 was not very good. Just average to poor. Dated decor. Would never go back and I work nearby.

    L'artusi has v v good pastas.

    1. I've been to SD-26 twice, and it's just not very good. Agree with thegforceny.

      1. +1 for l'artusi, haven't been to SD26. I wouldn't dress as "fancy" as i would for dinner at EMP but shy of a tuxedo and ball gown they will blend in fine.

        1. What about Lincoln? That strikes me as going over better with the parent crowd. L'Artusi is very good but can get very loud.

          1. I'm also negative on SD26. Had dinner there a few month back -- the food was OK, not great, but the supercilious host and server were ridiculous. Would not care to return.