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Aug 12, 2014 02:21 PM


I need some input if any one could make a few suggestions?
I offered to host a get together for several women[could be 6 to 15 ,don't have the numbers yet] that only know each other on a forum.We decided to have a lunch or brunch on a weekend to meet.Seeing that some come from the east and west of Toronto I want to keep it central for those driving or taking the TTC.As usual parking would be an issue.
Something moderately priced ,like under $20 before tip and tax.They are mostly over 50 so something without blasting music and somewhere where we would be able to have seating that we could all move around to converse I'm thinking to stay away from Yonge and Eg. because of the mess of traffic there. Also nothing south of that either. So Yonge and Lawrence,York Mills. Don Mills and York Mills .
I doubt that Asian would be good.
I have not been to the Abbot Pub n. of Lawrence on Yonge but I've heard it is ok.
any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Miller Tavern at Yonge & York Mills (maybe??). Their prices might be a bit high but they do have a 3-course for $27. Parking is easy, its right by the 401 and easy to get to by TTC.

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      I thought of that but I don't think they want to spend that much,plus the reviews are not very good. The ones I read anyways.

      1. re: kwass

        Thanks, that could maybe be an option. I work right across the street from there,why didn't I think of that. lol They don't seem to have a brunch menu but there are lots of salads and apps.I have been once for lunch and it was good.

        1. re: wylie1

          The first thing I thought of too. I quite like the place.


      2. Ok, how about this place: It seems to get good on-line reviews and their prices are more in line with what you are looking for:

        here's an old chowhound thread about their other location:

        1. Bistrot92. See prior posts.
          Call the chef-owner, Guy. He will work out something for you.
          It is easier to speak with him in French. For him anyway.

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          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            Did he move into the area that the OP specified? I had not heard that it had.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Dufferin and Eglinton is central to me.
              I figured that if east of Yonge is OK, so is west of Yonge.
              Even more important, OP and her group would like it a lot. Indeed , they might remember it as special if they could put together a group and the chef made something for them.
              The cherry on top is that there is lots of free or cheap parking around the corner and across the street.

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                It seems to me that the OP is zeroing in on the strip of restos along Yonge St. between the Lawrence and York Mills subway stations. In which case, the Miller Tavern is ideally located, with a free attached parking lot and a short walk from the York Mills station. There's a table in the comfortable upstairs dining room that accommodates groups from eight to 12 or so. But I don't think you can do it at $20 a person. More like it would be $25-$30.

                Stack is a lively, well-run spot, a short walk from the Lawrence stop on the subway. Parking on the streets off Yonge. All-day menu of soup, salads, and sandwiches in the $10-$12 range. tastily done. The area at the back of the resto should be able to handle your group. Could get noisy, though. Still, a fun place.

                The layout of the Abbot makes it problematic that it could accommodate your group. Six maybe, but not 15. Good food, though. I've never been to the suggested ViPei Bistro, almost across the street from the Abbot, but the brunch menu is well within your price range. It's a smallish place, however, and with a group of 15 you'd essentially be taking over the place.

                I've also never been to Bistrot92, much beloved by our esteemed Vinnie Vidimangi, but travelling west along Eglinton from Bathurst St., either by car or TTC, is like negotiating your way through a battle zone nowadays. Still, I'd be intrigued to learn if the chef - as Vinnie suggests - could pull off a tailored-to-measure lunch/brunch for a group of six to 15. At $20 a pop. It might be an adventure.

                If I could suggest a joint off the Yonge St. strip in question, it'd be Via Cibo, a light-Italian (meaning, nothing too complicated) spot in a plaza at York Mills Rd. and Leslie St. Easy parking almost at the door, and a 10-15-minute bus ride east along York Mills from the York Mills station. It's a well-run, offbeat place with a tasty all-day menu, part cafeteria, part stylish dining room. You order up front - salads, sandwiches, sides, pastas, personal pizzas, all well-executed and made mostly from scratch - pay your bill, then take a seat in the attractive dining room. Your food gets brought to you within about five minutes. Easily within your price range. First-rate service by a charming staff. There's a well-designed communal dining counter in the middle of the room that can comfortably handle your group. Or you could occupy several tables at the back of the room.

                  1. re: juno

                    Thanks Juno and everyone else that took the time with suggestions.
                    Last night I saw on the news the subway will be closed from Bloor to Lawrence the weekend of Sept. 6-7.Nice!
                    So there goes anything above Lawrence or across York
                    I did go into Stacks yesterday to check it out before I knew about the TTC closure and thinking maybe we could sit upstairs but they only open it at night. Plus it was way too noisy.The manager and I could hardly hold the conversation shouting over the noise at lunch.
                    Don't laugh but I think it may end up being Anthony's at Don Mills and Lawrence.
                    Free parking,easy to get down from the 401,it is sort of central without being too busy.
                    It is ok for brunch not great but I have had worse,lol and I know they will look after us well there.Plus no blasting music !!! We can get up and move around there and they won't rush out out.
                    The priority is really about our group meeting and being able to chat. I put up the menu from Anthonys and it is fine with them. Although it looks better than it really is, it will have to
                    Thanks everyone for your help, it is much appreciated.

                    1. re: wylie1

                      If you had a group of 20 I'm sure they'd open the upstairs for you.
                      You may be best served using a different date if a large portion of the subway is closed.


                  2. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                    If the OP doesn't have interest in the traffic chaos at Y & E then why would she be interested in the (even worse) traffic mess at Eg & Duff??