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Aug 12, 2014 01:18 PM

Celebrating an 80th birthday, restaurant recs?


My in-laws live in Seattle and we will be visiting soon to celebrate my father in law's 80th birthday. Looking for a special place for a special dinner to celebrate.

Quiet atmosphere, as he doesn't like noisy environments (this is a requirement), and perhaps a private room we could reserve? (this is not necessary but would be nice). Not too dim, so we can take lots of photos! There will be a minimum of 6, maximum of 9 people, or so.

We're all foodies and fairly adventurous eaters, and since this is a celebration, a more upscale or fancier type place would be great.

Thanks for any advice!

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    1. I think Nell's at Green Lake would be ideal. No private room but you could call ahead and ask for a side table that would be very quiet (the whole restaurant is quiet) and there are plenty of windows. The food is amazing and even though they tend to draw an older clientele, the menu is completely up to date northwest cuisine.

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        I enthusiastically second Nell's. I can't think of a better venue given your criteria.

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          Westward was crazy busy and cacophonous when we stopped in at the end of June. It was also stiflingly hot so we didn't stay. Not particularly upscale or fancy, more like a nicer fish shack setting.

        2. Il Terrazo Carmine?

          There's a room at Sazerac that you can reserve. I think it holds 10 so it would be a good size for you.