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Aug 12, 2014 12:52 PM

Extra Clam Broth (?)

I have about a quart of clam broth leftover after making a clear (Rhode Island-style) clam chowder (NYTimes Magazine recipe last Sunday). Flavorings in the broth are onions, celery, fresh thyme, dried bay leaf.

1. Will this freeze well?
2. Can I use it in place of fish stock, for poaching fish, or making a fish soup, for example?

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  1. Can't really answer your questions but I'd be tempted to mix up some homemade "clamato", at least a few taster sized experiments to see if this would make a nice cesar...

    1. Yes and yes. I regularly do this. Poach some salmon or halibut in it; sublime.
      You can also reduce it and use it for the base of a great fish stew.

      1. No experience with this, but would have to say YES to both questions!?!

          1. Definitively, bet your first-born child on it, yes to both questions.

            You can, if you wish, also freeze the liquid from cans of tuna and other canned seafood, and toss it into the pot the next time you make a fish soup or stew. Reduce salt accordingly.

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              Ok, great. No child but will bet the partner!!! Thanks, all!!