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Aug 12, 2014 11:51 AM

ISO, Low Carb Hot Dog Buns?

Are there any decent low carb hot dog or hamburger buns available in retail stores? I don't want to bake my own. I saw some online that were $1.00 apiece plus shipping! I want a roll not a tortilla or some kind of flatbread. Most hot dog rolls are 25+ grams of carbs per. I'd like to find something at around half of that or less. Can anyone recommend a good brand? I have a Mrs. Greens store not too far away but haven't checked there yet. Thanks!

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  1. This came right up on google. Haven't tried them. I use a Joseph's pita segment.

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      Interesting link.. I see they also have low-carb bbq sauce and other goodies that we might have to try, and their shipping is only five bucks, so buying a few bottles might make it worthwhile. :)

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        Wow, these look great. Thanks for the link and thanks to the OP for asking.

      2. I bought some Thin/Slim brand "Love the Taste" hot do buns from Netrition with allegedly 2 net grams of carbs per bun and a guarantee "not to spike your blood sugar". I ate two for dinner with some natural peanuts butter that I tolerate well. They tasted great but my blood sugar was sky high this morning, as if I'd eaten a whole flour baguette. There are so many scammers out there.

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          Try a bit again, and test at one hour to be sure that's it, though you are probably right. I would DEFINITELY put that in a netrition review, and contact the manufacturer as well. But you really need a post meal test to be sure. Too bad. :-/

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              If you find a spike, you could try having one. Also, about half the fiber is metabolized, so I never deduct it from the carb count, and just hope they're low spike carbs, instead. 32 gms of carb is still a LOT, and my guess is that all that fiber slowed the digestibility enough that the spike may be very late, or very long, leading to your high fbg.

        2. I am a food writer and used to work for Dr. Atkins. Shoprite brand on has great hot dog and hamburger buns --nice white ones, which I like-- with 5 grams 22 net carbs--not zero but pretty good if you count carbs over a week's time and plan for the cookout. Added preservatives are not harmful ones. My favorites by far but I want to try the ThinSlims to go back on my Atkins diet....

          1. Here is another brand (also available as hamburger buns):


            These have a bready, chewy texture, and IMO they need a substantial wurst to balance the mix.

            1. I've not tried them yet, but here is another vendor.