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Aug 12, 2014 11:31 AM

Midtown Reasonable and Interesting

I am much liking that there are places within walking distance of Yorkville such as Big Crow, Playa Cabana and Terroni that have great patios, non-exorbitant food and decent atmospheres. Sadly, the popularity of them has led to tables being advertised for 5/530 or after 9, as these places take advantage of their hard-won popularity. Is there anywhere I am missing in that same kind of radius from Yorkville with similar attributes? Cheers!

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  1. I wouldn't have called any of those places "within walking distance of Yorkville," but you may be more disposed to a 20+ minute hike than I up to Dupont and over. Nor would I call the slightly-closer Terroni inexpensive: their attitude is as precious as their prices. Big Crow isn't cheap, either, though their food is pretty special. And I wouldn't term its canvas tent a "patio" - nor the cramped, small patio fronting on the Dupont St traffic of Playa C.

    That said, and perhaps omitting the patio, how about the following at no more than the price point of the others if you order judiciously (or not): fabulous schnitzel and mittl European specialities at the Coffee Mill, truly in the heart of Yorkville; sophisticated drinks and interesting though not brilliant snacks at DBar in the new Four Seasons, ditto; and reddish sauce Italian professionally served at Vaticano, ditto?

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      Thanks for the reply. As the weather was inclement, we ended up at Museum Tavern, which wasn't bad. Nice selection of dishes under $20 with interesting beverage choices.

      FYI there is a largeish patio behind Playa Cabana Hacienda, which was what I was referring to.

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        I'll throw Caren's Wine Bar's stilton burger out there. It's the only thing on the menu I reorder, and I find the cheese plates are over-priced, but they've got a nice patio.

        While Cafe Boulud tends to be on the pricey side, I've thought the 'licious dinners were good value. I've been happy with the food and service, and figure the higher prices help pay for the rent. Great desserts at Cafe Boulud.

        I was disappointed with my brunch at The Oxley,but might give the dinner a try next time I end up eating in Yorkville.

        Il Posto and Jacques Bistro du Parc might be worth's been a while since I visited either one, but both served better than average food in Yorkville. Realize they're a little stuffy and maybe not interesting compared to Big Crow or Playa Cabana, but they've tended to offer better food and better value than most places in/near Yorkville.

    2. Try Le Paradis or the Rebel House.