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Aug 12, 2014 07:14 AM

pasta for a diabetic...?

Is there anywhere in DFW where I can purchase pre-made pasta (or bread) that is made with chickpea, coconut or almond flour, basically anything grain free that is ok for a diabetic to consume?? My father was just diagnosed with diabetes so i'm trying to help him out but he does not cook much (part of the problem) so i'm left to help him out but with a new baby i do not really have time to be his personal chef. I am already doing some shopping for him at Whole Foods since their selection is quite an improvement from Walmart where he shops.
If there are pastas that I could buy for him do they even taste good enough to bother with? I realize I should just learn how to make it myself but i have my hands full and i'm not sure the end result will even be worth the effort. In addition, I do not have a pasta mixer or anything of the sort.

I appreciate the help locating these food products locally.

FYI- Wheat bread has a high glycemic index so trying to avoid that as well.

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  1. Neil, I'm a borderline diabetic. To help with your answer regarding bread, have your dad switch to Ezekiel's organic SPROUTED GRAIN breads. Personally, I prefer their sprouted grain WHEAT bread to the 7 GRAIN because I like the texture better.

    Please read the link I've included in this comment. There is especially good information about bread and pasta for people with diabetes. The Ezekiel brand I mentioned above is well noted in the paragraph about bread.

    Ezekiel's breads are available at Whole Foods, Sprout's, Natural Grocers and, Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has the lowest price and, theirs is kept on the bread shelf and not frozen as is at the other stores I mentioned. I keep it refrigerated at home.

    Ezekiel's Pasta products....

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    1. re: twinwillow

      thank you very much I appreciate the help.
      I will be utilizing all this information next weekend when I come to Dallas. In fact i may just order for him from the website right now. It actually looks familiar to me like i have seen it in stores in the freezer.. I guess it's usually frozen because not many people buy it?

      How does it taste? He likes cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast so that one looked good.

      1. re: twinwillow

        I'm a diabetic and my bg spikes to heck on Ezekial products.

        For pasta sub, try Exas Explore Asian golden soybean spaghetti, or use a julienne peeler to make zucchini or eggplant noodles. Also, some folks have good luck with Carba Nada noodles. All available on or, so you can have them sent to him as needed.

        I'm not in your area, but notice a lot of Al Dente brand noodles in supermarkets in NY; if the brand is there, you can ask them to stock Carba Nada. Dreamfields has proven to be a scam; same effect on glucose as regular pasta, sometimes much worse.

        Weight Watchers lite bread is very low carb; if you can mix him up a container with cinnamon and sweetener to sprinkle on it with some butter or w/o, it could be a good sub.

        1. re: mcf

          Thank you. After posting I realized that he does not eat much "italian" food so pasta is not nearly as important to him as bread is.

          So it seems that nobody even makes bread in stores with almond flour or coconut flour.. why is that? Does it not work very well or just too expensive?

          1. re: neiladammcginnis

            Although I don't have the answers to your last question, hopefully someone here can shed some light on the subject.

            As I've suggested in previous threads, call the nice folks at one of the Natural Grocer's stores in Dallas or go online and call their main office for possible answers.
            These people are dedicated to organic, non GMO food products. And, they tend to be less expensive than Whole Foods for the same products.

            1. re: twinwillow

              ok i will call them.. i have been meaning to go check them out

            2. re: neiladammcginnis

              They don't have to be those flours, but it's best if they're very low carb and very high fiber. The best low carb breads are from Joseph's Middle Eastern Bakery, may not be in your stores, but their low carb breads are available online from netrition, amazon, I think, and from them. Big and small pitas, lavash and tortillas/wraps.

              For low carb bread, the Weight Watcher's is the most like traditional soft bread, they make multi grain and whole wheat style. I know that any wheat product is a glucose spiker (I test my glucose pre meal and one hour post meal to catch the peaks), but this bread is at least very low. The Joseph's breads are very meter friendly.

              The other flours are too expensive and almond meal kind of crumbly for bread. Specialty stores and mail order only.

              Cinnamon bread with some almond flour:

              Joseph's breads:

              1. re: mcf

                Good info, thanks. i may look locally and then if i can't find i will just buy online.

        2. I have not found any wheat pasta substitute than comes close to the real thing. I know I've said nasty things about these tofu noodles in the past but I've gotten to the point where I can enjoy them. Some people complain they are fishy tasting/smelling but if you rinse and dry them per package instructions they are fine.

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          1. re: zackly

            Good for you! I've never gotten to that point!

            The smell rinses off, but the rubber band texture does not.

            1. re: mcf

              "The smell rinses off, but the rubber band texture does not."

              That's true. They have the texture of canned grossly overcooked spaghetti.

              1. re: mcf

                Also i hear durum is a good low glycemic option for making noodles...? Can these be purchased at a whole foods in DFW?

                "Glycemic Index Values of Durum Wheat Pasta
                According to the Glycemic Index Database, white spaghetti made from durum wheat and boiled for 20 minutes has a GI of 58. This value is reduced to 34 if you boil it for just 12 minutes. As a result you can move your spaghetti from the medium glycemic category to the low one."

                1. re: neiladammcginnis

                  NFT for diabetes. Ditto for GI; not predictive. It may help non diabetics make healthier choices, but once our metabolism is broken, it doesn't work out at all.

                  1. re: mcf

                    Can you give me an example of something that spikes your blood sugar that is not reflective on the GI? I'm trying to figure all this out and help him the best i can. Respectfully speaking, I have a hard time believing that every person is THAT different in regards to what we should be eating to maintain a relatively normal blood sugar level...
                    AND if you are right and the GI system is useless for this purpose then how do you determine what to eat aside from eating it and then testing yourself like a lab rat? lol

                    1. re: neiladammcginnis

                      Just about every starch, and fruit. I can have modest servings of berries.

                      Even that dense bread made of whole rye kernels, frex.

                      For my friend's mother, even 3 blueberries.

                      What I recommend is that every individual formulate a diet based upon his/her results using that flyer link I posted. Because it doesn't matter what spikes me, it matters what spikes YOU, or your dad.

              1. re: Webra1

                Do you know the carb count for this pasta?

                1. re: zackly

                  Go to the website Webra 1 listed above. The nutrition labels are easy to find by clicking on either of the two "pasta" products illustrated.

                    1. re: mcf

                      Yikes! Regular dry pasta has about 40 grams per 2oz serving (dry weight). This might be good for the gluten free crowd but not diabetics.

                      1. re: zackly

                        13 g of protein is impressive though. I do believe the main audience for this product is gluten free.

                        1. re: Webra1

                          Webra, I've emailed Banza asking if they sell their pasta products in Texas but I've received no answer as yet.

                          It appears, ordering from Banza online requires six boxes of one style of pasta as a minimum order.

                          Unfortunately, that's too much product for me to order at one time.

                  1. re: Webra1

                    Way too carby for a diabetic. I love chick peas, can't have more than a few.

                  2. Both my spousal unit and I are Type 2 diabetics, and when we want pasta, we get a spaghetti squash. Cut it in half lengthwise, scrape out the seeds from the cavity, put in some butter and water, close it back up and put it in the microwave for 5-8 minutes, rotating every 3-4 minutes. You have to keep checking it to see when it is done. When you can feel quite a bit of give in it, you know it is almost done. Once you do it a time or two, you will be able to tell.

                    When it is done, we get a fork and scrape out the squash meat, which comes out in spaghetti form. Then, top with pasta sauce and you have no carb pasta. It's not the same taste as pasta, but I enjoy it as a no-guilt pasta.

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                    1. re: mrbean

                      sounds good to me, i will definitely try that

                    2. We removed some posts here that were getting deep into whether diabetics should be watching GI, carbs or something else since they were getting into medical advice. Please, consult with medical professionals for that type of advice.

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                        1. re: twinwillow

                          My father will not just go to the doctor on my suggestion so that is not helpful to me at all.

                          1. re: neiladammcginnis

                            Yabbut, you know this board is not the place to seek prescriptive info about meds, right?

                              1. re: mcf

                                Good news...
                                he is not taking medication and it controlling blood sugar purely by diet so it's not a medical issue. We do not communicate as well as we should so that's where the confusion came in.

                            1. re: twinwillow

                              Not the part about discussing GI, it's not. That's not medical, that's food related. The meds thing, DEFINITELY out of range, though.

                            2. re: The Chowhound Team

                              That part was not medical, it was food related! I think it got medical when meds were addressed, and said so, to address it MEDICALLY.

                              You can't discuss diabetic food without addressing that other stuff, otherwise, it's not DIABETIC food.

                              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                You are doing more harm than good. Please stop micro-managing the board it's truly getting out of control.
                                YOU aren't telling me to do anything so why do you care if i get advice from other local people dealing with the same problem.

                                1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                  and stop deleting my responses i feel like i'm living in a dictatorship here. lol. Is this North korea or is this chowhound?
                                  : )
                                  Would be nice if you had a messaging service so i could talk to the people on Chowhound, whom i trust, about various topics without Chowhound moderators breathing down my neck analyzing everything i say for political correctness.

                                  1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                    Be careful Neil. They've banned posters for less!

                                    1. re: twinwillow

                                      I appreciate you looking out for me but i'm sure you know me well enough by now to know that i'm too stubborn to care. Maybe next time I could be 'John Doe' logging in from different IP range. (jk) i would not go through the effort.

                                      Before being censored like a naughty kid at school I did get some useful information from real people suffering the same conditions as my father. I cannot go to the doctor for him so asking the doctor is not applicable. I suppose I could go on a diabetes discussion forum but you know what they would probably say? "Go talk to a doctor."

                                      I do realize i'm getting nowhere further with that line of inquiry so I will wrap it up.

                                      1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                        Some resources for you with a lot of info about food and diabetes:

                               He is a type 1 diabetic who had bad results managing his DM, so he became a doctor after an engineering career and was on the AACE scientific advisory committee.

                               where that flyer was from; lots of good info about food and diet

                                        Also, there are diabetes threads on the special diets boards on CH where we discuss meals/cooking, foods

                                        1. re: mcf

                                          Just found this online, they have low carb bagels and also cinnamon:

                                          1. re: mcf

                                            Thanks. I've bookmarked the site for future use.

                                            1. re: twinwillow

                                              I just realized I didn't mention they have hot dog rolls and hamburger rolls, too. Mixed reviews, hard to know.

                                              1. re: mcf

                                                I noticed the hamburger and hot dog rolls on the site you provided.