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Aug 11, 2014 10:17 PM

Your thoughts on Lava Lava Beach Club in Waikoloa on Big Island? Or other date night recs?

From reading their site, they focus on "farm to beach" which sounds nice, but Yelpers are not kind, and based on reviews there, it sounds like one of those places where they count on the great view to distract you from the mediocre food. We are staying in Waikoloa right now and looking to take advantage of the grandparents in tow to go out for a date night, without going to far out of the Waikoloa area. Is there any great food with a view nearby? If not, just great food? Much as I love me some raw fish, we've eaten a lot of it so far, so probably looking for more places of the cooked persuasion.

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  1. For a pure "date night" experience, I would drive 20 minutes south to Hualalai Resort. They have a few good choices for seafood (raw or cooked) and the resort is spectacular. There really isn't anything worth mentioning in Waikoloa in my opinion.

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      Thanks! Yeah, we're aware of the general meh-ness of Waikoloa resort-area food. I do like Sansei's sushi although the atmosphere of the Waikoloa resort is not great. We loved the one in Waikiki Beach. We went to Roy's last time we were here and thought it wasn't bad, and worked really well for us because they were very tolerant of our young kids.

      We got all excited to see Fairmont Orchid nearby because Orchids brunch from our last trip, which included Oahu, was such a standout memory, but it seems there's no connection.

    2. Too little too late, but I'd go to Beach Tree at 4S, I'd sit in the lounge where you can order off bar or full menu. And then watching the sunset, I'd relax on one of the ocean side lounge chairs, under the tiki torches with a sangria to go in a sippy cup, watching the sunset while listening to the nightly entertainment.

      Well that's our plan again.

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        Thanks! We might still make it there. We had a date night while out at Volcano (Kiluea Lodge, which was OK, definitely better than the Lava Rock Cafe we had with the whole family, but not as good as I'd have liked it to be.) Might squeeze in one more date night while in Kona area, and I forgot Beech Tree was a place I'd wanted to try last time we were here.