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Aug 11, 2014 05:18 PM

Is Seigle D'Or bakery actually open?

We've stopped by twice to check it out, during hours that are posted as "open." No luck though we could see product through the window. As parking is tough there, we're pretty much done trying to try it but we wondered if anyone had tried it and whether it generally was open. Not a great way to get customers to be closed during your "open" hours. Thanks.

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  1. m

    I have been by in the mornings around 10 and he has been open. But the last time I was there (late last week) he did mention that he and his wife have had to be closed some times recently since their baby is getting some (routine) surgery. That may be what you are running into?
    Keep trying - it is worth it.
    Parking is really bad. Luckily, I usually am with a friend and one of us can go in and get the goods.


    I've been by twice, both late, b ut during hours they are "open" without luck. Maybe I'll try early one day when I can.


    mmocpi, thanks for the heads up -- maybe I'll try again tomorrow if it's not pissing down rain, which I think it will be.


    Same here, I went by maybe 15 minutes after what was supposed to be their opening time, all ready for authentic French bakery awesomeness. Alas, it was not to be. Anyone got the beta?