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Aug 11, 2014 04:49 PM

My fiance's first trip to SF...Bar Tartine, Aziza, Fable or Baker & Banker??

Let me start by saying I've been researching posts on this board all day. (Thanks to a slow day at work!)

We only have ONE night (I know, I know) in SF this time around and it's my fiance's first time in the city. We will be coming from 4 days in the valley with a wedding at Durham ranch, dinners at Bottega, Gott's Roadside and Lucy, and we will just be wanting something casual, mid-range in price, delicious AND typical of SF's cutting-edge cuisine.

The catch is that I waited too long to make reservations, so the three restos I could find spots at which seemed the most interesting due to other diner's posts, are Bar Tartine, Aziza, Fable and Baker & Banker.

Thoughts on these three and which to choose? If you have another idea, we're game.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Fable is average.

    I'd say Bar Tartine since you said cutting edge. But double check the menu and make sure - the flavors aren't for everyone.

    Aziza would be the next pic, again check the menu, it also is very far out from the center of town.

    Baker & Banker is a warm, well done CA cuisine restaurant with better desserts than most. I enjoy it but it is not cutting edge.

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      Third on Bar Tartine. The style is so unique that the menu won't necessarily give you a very clear idea of what the food's like. The bread is the best in the world.

    2. I second Bar Tartine. You can walk in when AQ opens and sit at the bar with no reservations. It is an early dinner but you can head elsewhere for dessert.

      1. Bar Tartine. It's excellent.

        Also, a brilliant brunch location that is never terribly busy, if you're into non-traditional brunch flavors.

        1. I recently ate at Bar Tartine and LOVED it. Here is my post about it:

          1. Thank you so much everyone! I sincerely appreciate your input. Next Sunday can't come soon enough. :)