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Aug 11, 2014 04:43 PM

Philadelphia Party of 20

I am interested in throwing a private surprise dinner for my parents' 60th party. I'd like there to be a hotel either on the property or within walking distance. We are thinking around 20 people (no kids), interested in a drink package, and keeping it 1000$ or under. Best suggestions?

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  1. First thought that comes to mind is that lovely downstairs private room in Estia, an upscale Greek seafood place on Broad Street right across from the Academy of Music and myriad hotels a block or so away.

    1. you want food and drinks, tax and tip for 20 people in a private room to be under $1000? so you are looking for something that is $35/pp for food and drinks. i'm confident that doesn't exist, and if it does, you won't want to do it.

      1. You could do something in Chinatown. Sakura Mandarin, Vietnam and Vietnam Palace all have private rooms.

        I guess the other question is whether you are committed to doing this in Philadelphia, or whether you would be be better off in the suburbs. For example the food at the Radnor Hotel is good, and they do private dining. I am not sure it is in your price point.

        Finally, to save money, you might consider looking at a byo, and bring your own wine. With that size party a case of red and a case of white while not ideal would not put a great dent into the budget but really potentially lower your costs.

        1. If you are willing to leave center city, I highly recommend looking into 3 venues in the Bryn Mawr/Radnor area:
          Susannah Foo
          Estia Taverna

          1. Alyan's on Fourth near South has a private upstairs room for special events. You can do this within your budget as it's a BYOB:

            Not sure how well the guests of honor can handle stairs and walking on Old City cobblestone streets. Society Hill Sheraton is nearby: