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Aug 11, 2014 04:26 PM

What is your favorite place for crabs and pitchers of beer

Have guests in for a few days and want to treat them to crabs. We always go to same place and want to try something new............Thanks

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  1. Where is this "same place"? Name, city.....

    1. How far do you want to go? I liked Drift Inn in Mechanicsville but it's a drive.

      1. Have been on a crab tour this summer. So far the best places have been Costa's in Dundalk Md, Ships cafe in Catonsville! Cantlers or Mikes near annapolis , reiter's in reisterstown and Harris Crab and The crab deck in Kent Narrows.

        1. Mr. Bill's on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore!!

          1. A few years ago Mrs. Sippi and I met Alkapal and her SO for dinner at the Quarterdeck. Hands down my favourite meal ever. Great company overshadowed only by the ridiculously awesome crabs.
            Add cold beer, a patio and hot summer night. How could it be any better??