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Aug 11, 2014 01:46 PM

The Pit, Smoked BBQ on Alameda, near Glenoaks, in Burbank/Glendale?

anyone been?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I peer at this joint everytime I leave Adana. But I'm often stuffed with ribs and avocado salad so I've never gone inside.

    1. Ok I was just there. I had a groupon for $30 and so I got the sampler platter plus chimi churri mashed potatoes and backed beans. The vibe might be good for a bite but I would recommend pick up to go. Burbank was beautiful that day and they do have a small covered patio by the alley but apparently the city won't let them seat there?! The bathroom is in an apt bldg next door ( but clean and free perfume!). You order from the non people friendly guy who passes the order through a small window. The place is weird but the meat is good! The brisket was to die for, also pork, pork rib. Chicken wing wasn't crispy but not bad. The sampler platter did not even come with a slice of crappy white bread. Nothing, no pickles. The small $3 side orders . Beans were good but too sweet, but good. I didn't like the potatoes but days later made a corn taco with them and some meat and it was all good!