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Aug 11, 2014 12:58 PM

dinner followed by drinks with out of towners

I'm a little out of the lively, great food loop. group of fun 30somethings with out of towners looking for a mid-priced restaurant followed by a somewhat nearby bar to end the night. anywhere downtown to la jolla as long as the food is worth the price. prefer someplace that has some local character....not sure what I mean. possibly georges ocean terrace, but not too many good bars in la jolla to end up.

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  1. It's not within walking distance but I would start at Smoking Goat for good food and than drive over to Social Experiment for good cocktails (and some additional small plates, and also validated parking)

    1. I'd take a look a few places on 30th Street - Urban Solace, Smoking Goat, Waypoint Public, and a few others - and then finish the night at Polite Provisions, the Office, or the Coin-Op Room. These are all local places.

      You could also go with dinner at Alchemy or Buona Forchetta, and then finish up the night at Hamilton's.

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        I'd second the 30th Street recommendation and the restaurants named above. Enjoy some local SD beer afterward at the new Modern Times on 30th and Upas (across from Smoking Goat), Hess Brewing, or Toronado.

        1. re: Katherine H

          Me too. Urban Solace has solid food and a great selection of drinks. If you want to have some beers after dinner go to Waypoint Public.

      2. Cucina Urbana then Nunu's or Waterfront
        George's at the Cove then Jose's Courtroom
        JRDN@Tower 23 then any bar in PB
        OB Noodle House then Pacific Shores in OB...the best dive evah!