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Heinz 57 Sauce

Is it just me, or is Heinz 57 Sauce not sold in New England? I haven't looked far and wide for it, but I haven't found it at Shaws, Market Basket(before the troubles) or Stop and Shop. Has anyone seen it?

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  1. I believe Cardullo's in Harvard Square carries it.

    1. I bought it at a small chain supermarket in NH

      1. We got it at Market Basket all the time. We only use about 4 per year on average. A 1 sauce is a good replacement.

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            I have not had H57 in quite a while. What is the difference?

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              It's more tomatoey and less pungent than A1.

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                  H57 is a sort of spicy ketchupy sauce, sort of like ketchup with added spice, sugar, and mustard.

            2. I've been able to find the regular Heinz 57 at Market Basket, but haven't found the steak sauce version with Lea & Perrins added anywhere here.

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                I bought the L&P version at Stop & Shop in Watertown.

              2. I buy it at Roche Bros. & Target

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                  Yes, I've seen it at the Watertown Target.

                2. Thanks all for the suggestions! Greatly appreciated.

                  1. I believe Target sells it.

                    1. There's plenty of it at the morrissey blvd Stop and Shop and at the n. Quincy stop and shop.

                      1. Last time I was here they had Heinz 57 from England, as well as several other interesting sauces/condiments.
                        Might be worth a trip, and you can stop at Kimballs for ice cream.


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                            glad it might work out....the candy and crisps are really why I go!

                        1. Saw this at Roche Bros in Burlington this week