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Mar 29, 2006 10:53 AM

Really good Vietnamese food?

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Does anyone on this list have recommendations for a place to get really good Vietnamese food in Montreal? I've yet to find anything above the ordinary standard stuff. I recently had incredible takeout Vietnamese in New York (Saigon Grill), and I would love to find something of that calibre here.



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  1. Ru de Nam across from the Corona theatre in Saint-Henri is not bad, at least a good notch above the usual fare.

    1. I know a place called "Harmonie d'Asie", a Vietnamese restaurant that serves any sort of non-pho traditional dishes. It's family-owned/run, it seems, and they serve things like sour soup, tilapia-like fish fried with fish sauce, and a sort of tartare with slices of raw beef topped with lime juice and nuts. 65 Duluth E, close to St-Laurent Boulevard.

      For pho soup, then I recommend "Pho Lien" (not to confound with "Chez Lien"), on the corner of Cote-Ste-Catherine and Cote-des-Neiges, facing the Jewish Hospital. They have the usual pho, but also a few particular dishes you won't find elsewhere, like fried rice cake with eggs.

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        Lyla restaurant which has been recommended below also has fried rice cake with eggs(including other fried cake combinations). I agree the pho soup at Pho Lien is great(probably the best I've tasted in Montreal).

      2. In a class by itself:
        Au Cyclo
        5136 Parc
        514 272-1477


        1. Au Cyclo on du Parc is excellent. Generally Asian food in Montreal is an abmonination. Having lived in Los Angeles where you can get anything from anywhere, I would say that Au Cyclo is great by any standard - not by the standards of Montreal Asian fare.

          That said, it is a place for a $20 meal. It is a very nice, charming place. But it is not your blowout place. It is simply an excellent mid-price Vietnamese place by any reasonable standard.

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            I've never found Au Cyclo to be particularly inexpensive; I'd plan on spending closer to $30 per person. (Then again, I'm a big eater.)

            I agree that the food is usually superb. Too bad the service on my last visit was downright amateurish...

          2. Did the original owner of Au Cyclo sold his restaurant last year? That was mentioned on the other food discussion site.

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              I had heard it was sold.... And some of those other posters indicated that they loved the sushi there. Au Cyclo (at least under the original owner) was pure Vietnamese, no sushi, although he would prepare a raw fish appetizer if he got to know you. He had told me he was going to open a new restaurant, and do catering as well... but I never learned if he opened one.

              1. re: UnConundrum

                I remember last eating at Au Cyclo(that was around 2 years ago), & they had sushi there(at least there was the sushi display). To my knowledge it was still under the original owner then.