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Best Buffalo Wings!

I am looking for awesome buffalo wings, crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside and tossed with a classic red hot sauce, served with some blue cheese. I would like to keep the thread open to anywhere in the area, but I live metro SW and work Downtown so if there are places in those locations, even better.


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  1. black sheep tavern in sterling

    1. The Brown Jug in Chelsea. Good Pizza, too. They used to have a check-in special on Yelp, where you would get a free order of wings for checking in there. Not sure if that offer is still up, but the wings are awesome.

      1. I recently had an order of wings at Buff's in Newton. I ordered them hot and asked for them well done. While I have been having wings from Buff's for a few decades now, they were better than I remember. I think the key to Buff's is eating them on the spot at the restaurant AND asking for them well done. Cash only.

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          Could I take a two year old with me to Buffs?

          1. re: sekelmaan

            Yes with the caveat that you are better off going at off peak hours so you don't have to wait. During off peak hours it feels like a small restaurant with a bar. When it gets packed, it feels like a bar with a handful of tables to eat at.

          1. A strong recommendation (as others have made) for Buff's but for something different, not Buffalo, i'd go with Bon Chon.

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              Thanks Chuck. I am a huge fan of KFC, but I am just looking for classic right now.

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                im not a fan of bon chon but if going for the something different, the hot wings at Simply Khmer in Lowell are AMAZING.

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                  I love those too. I took my parents a couple weeks ago and we had to get a second order of the wings.

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                  This is good under the radar choice. They get the wings from Mayflower down the street.

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                    Interesting, thanks you two. I end up there fairly frequently and never would have thought to get the wings.

                2. Silvertone has the best wings in Boston I think. Huge, juicy, perfectly crispy. They do classic Buffalo and something called Rochester which is a little sweet and sticky and equally delicious.

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                    Nice rec. That one is very close to my office. I will try it this week.

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                      good info on the Rochester wings. Will have to check those out. I lived in Rochester for about 7-8 years. 3 main brands of sauce i can think of. Country Sweet (my favorite), Sal's Birdland Sassy Sauce and Boss Sauce. You can get all of these mail order. Wegmans stocks them

                    2. Awesome suggestions everyone. Thank you very much!

                      1. I've said it before and I will say it again- I have consistently enjoyed perfectly crispy, short of well done and just the right amount of classic buffalo sauce at PJ Ryans in Somerville.

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                          Do you like anything else there?
                          I've had a few things and they all stink, which sucks because it's close to me. I'm just disappointed every time.

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                            Nope- just like the wings and the beer! Everything else is completely ordinary, if not sub-par.

                        2. Obviously I will second Buff's as the top suggestion. But if you are looking downtown, Sidebar has the best buffalo wings. Well not really, but by far the best value. I forget the exact prices, but it's something like $20 for 100 wings. The wings are smaller than normal wings, but you definitely get at least twice as much wing meat as you would for the same price elsewhere. And the wings are surprisingly good (esp compared the the ambiance of the place.)

                          1. Harvard Gardens has surprisingly good wings. Even better when you go between 4-7 when they are 5 bucks for an order. (dollar oysters during that time too)