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Aug 11, 2014 12:21 PM

Best Buffalo Wings!

I am looking for awesome buffalo wings, crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside and tossed with a classic red hot sauce, served with some blue cheese. I would like to keep the thread open to anywhere in the area, but I live metro SW and work Downtown so if there are places in those locations, even better.


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  1. black sheep tavern in sterling

    1. The Brown Jug in Chelsea. Good Pizza, too. They used to have a check-in special on Yelp, where you would get a free order of wings for checking in there. Not sure if that offer is still up, but the wings are awesome.

      1. I recently had an order of wings at Buff's in Newton. I ordered them hot and asked for them well done. While I have been having wings from Buff's for a few decades now, they were better than I remember. I think the key to Buff's is eating them on the spot at the restaurant AND asking for them well done. Cash only.

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        1. re: Gordough

          Could I take a two year old with me to Buffs?

          1. re: sekelmaan

            Yes with the caveat that you are better off going at off peak hours so you don't have to wait. During off peak hours it feels like a small restaurant with a bar. When it gets packed, it feels like a bar with a handful of tables to eat at.

          1. A strong recommendation (as others have made) for Buff's but for something different, not Buffalo, i'd go with Bon Chon.

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            1. re: chuck s

              Thanks Chuck. I am a huge fan of KFC, but I am just looking for classic right now.

              1. re: chuck s

                im not a fan of bon chon but if going for the something different, the hot wings at Simply Khmer in Lowell are AMAZING.

                1. re: hargau

                  I love those too. I took my parents a couple weeks ago and we had to get a second order of the wings.